ELEMIS Is Shifting Its Focus Back To Spas In Australia

In an exciting turn of events, ELEMIS, the renowned skincare brand synonymous with luxury and scientific excellence, is returning its focus to spas in Australia.

Katie Lowndes, a stalwart in the beauty industry with over two decades of experience, has recently taken back distributorship for the brand in Australia. With a passion for ELEMIS deeply ingrained in her career, Katie expresses her enthusiasm for sharing this passion as she takes on the distributorship of the brand for spas in Australia.

ELEMIS, known for its commitment to sustainability and exceptional skincare solutions, has earned BCorp certification, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Katie’s relationship with ELEMIS spans two decades, starting from her early days working with the brand on Royal Caribbean cruise lines. This experience served as the catalyst for her illustrious career, leading her to become a trainer for Steiner, where she imparted knowledge on ELEMIS products to therapists across numerous cruise ships. Her journey with ELEMIS continued as she managed flagship spas in London before eventually settling in Australia.

Katie: “I fell in love with my now husband, subsequently moved to Australia and then worked for the ELEMIS distributor here in Australia in 2011. From 2012 until now I ended up being the Regional Manager for ELEMIS APAC, I presented on TVSN and had a stint back in the UK at head office as Sales Manager and guest presenter on QVC.”

Reflecting on her time with ELEMIS, Katie acknowledges the challenges of working with distributors while striving to maintain the brand’s standards. Her dream of ensuring that Australian spas receive the same level of care and attention as those in the UK has now become a reality as she steps into the role of distributor herself.

ELEMIS’s decision to refocus on the Australian spa market comes at a crucial time, with the brand prioritising quality over quantity and streamlining its product offerings. With a global spa team spearheading this effort, led by Co-Founder and President Noella Gabriel, ELEMIS is poised to elevate the spa experience in Australia and New Zealand.

Katie emphasises the importance of her role as the distributor, bridging the gap between ELEMIS’s headquarters in the UK and the Australian market. Her strong relationship with the UK team enables her to import and manage the business effectively, ensuring that Australian spas have access to the latest innovations and support from the global team.

As ELEMIS renews its focus on spas in Australia, Katie is excited to introduce new treatments and products to the market. With her intimate knowledge of the brand and unwavering dedication to excellence, she is confident that ELEMIS will continue to be the number one spa brand, as recognised by the World Spa Awards in 2022.

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