Introducing ‘7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Happier YOU’

Who doesn’t want to be at their happiest and healthiest? In such a fast-paced progressive world where endless choices are available to us, you would think achieving this should be simple, but in many cases we are instead overwhelmed and all too easily experience information overload. Even the simple task of choosing a meal, for example, can become laborious and stressful at times. What kind of cuisine do I want? What kind of diet am I on? Do I buy Organic? Shall I cook or get it delivered? And this is only one aspect of life!

Introducing ‘7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Happier YOU’, an innovative new aid in discovering your best possible self, launched in December 2019 by accomplished beauty industry expert Katie Lowndes. 

The seven steps take readers through areas of everyday life where some simple lifestyle tweaks can make all the difference to how one feels and functions on a daily basis. Each chapter goes back to basics so that readers can easily incorporate them into their lifestyles. These include tips and advice on cleanliness, dealing with ‘Monkey Mind’, food, beauty, wellness, exercise and vision. Katie provides tools and information that guide readers through in a delightfully simple, humourous and pressure-free way, to facilitate achieving a more fulfilling life at one’s own pace without feeling like a complete lifestyle overhaul.

The bright pastel pages of this wonderful guide are guaranteed to make you smile – this book is light and down-to-earth with a flair of personality, complete with cute illustrations and poems that bring the book to life. Shifts in lifestyle have never been so enjoyable! 

‘7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Happier YOU’ is now available to be stocked professionally (already taken up by the likes of Crown Spa and Botanica Day Spa!) as it perfectly aligns with day spas and hotel spas, salons and skin clinics that have a focus on holistic wellbeing. You will find that it perfectly complements most products and services within the beauty and wellbeing space, as clients continue to seek out services that offer more than just external solutions.

“Wellness is so crucial, especially in these times, I feel that it is a great opportunity for our industry to offer these low cost tools to help their clients in their everyday life,” says Katie. “It’s an easy add on to their services.”

“The book is really a Spring Clean for your life and lays strong foundations to live a happier healthier life everyday. There are some things that people will already know but sometimes we need a nudge and reminder!”’

There are three additional retail items to accompany Katie’s book too – the Monkey Mind Journal, Meal Planner and Shopping List, which will be launching in May.

Katie has been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 17 years. With a long list of credentials, Katie has an HND in Beauty and Related Sciences and is a qualified teacher, DISC Trainer, and Wellness Coach. Originally from the UK, Katie worked a number of years with Steiner and ELEMIS on Cruise Ships and in London, until relocating to Australia in 2011, taking the opportunity to create Beauty Mill consulting in the beauty industry space. Her roles have included Training, Business Development, General Management, TV Guest Presenter, Marketing and Sales and she was also Board Director and Chair of the Australasian Spa Association 2012 – 2015. With a huge passion for health, food and creating a happy space, it felt only natural to help others achieve their best selves.

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