A New Era For Plastic Surgery Queensland

The motivations behind this strategic move were rooted in a vision to create a unified and ethical platform for surgical and non-surgical treatments in Southeast Queensland.

The recent merger of Plastic Surgery Queensland (PSQ) stands out as a testament to a shared commitment to excellence and a patient-centric ethos, but what drove the amalgamation of Plastic Surgery Queensland Brisbane, Coastal Plastic Surgery on the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast clinic into a singular entity?

Plastic Surgery Queensland’s decision to consolidate under one reputable brand was not merely an administrative move. It was a deliberate effort to pool together the strengths, expertise, and unwavering dedication to patient care from each of its constituent entities.

This consolidation, under the banner of PSQ, not only enhances the ability to deliver consistent, top-tier care but also streamlines the patient experience, providing a seamless and cohesive journey across all locations.

We spoke to the team to learn more about the transition.

What was the motivation behind merging each company into the one, being Plastic Surgery Queensland?

The motivation behind Plastic Surgery Queensland (PSQ) merge was driven by a shared commitment to excellence, patient-focused care, and a vision to create a unified, ethical platform for surgical and non-surgical treatments in Southeast Queensland.

By bringing together the teams and expertise of Plastic Surgery Queensland Brisbane, Sunshine Coast (formerly Coastal Plastic Surgery), and the recent inclusion of the Gold Coast clinic, we aimed to consolidate our strengths under a single, reputable brand.

This consolidation not only enhances our ability to provide consistent, top-tier care but also simplifies the patient experience, offering a seamless and cohesive journey across all locations.

What did the process of this merge entail?

The process of merging involved meticulous planning to ensure a smooth transition for both our patients and our dedicated staff. Behind the scenes, our business considerations focused on maintaining the highest standards of care, staff integration, and aligning our operational processes.

The PSQ team

The integration of our experienced teams was a collaborative effort, fostering a unified culture committed to delivering ethical, responsible, and expert cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This harmonisation has allowed us to leverage the collective expertise of Plastic Surgery Queensland, ensuring a cohesive and seamless experience for our valued patients.

What exciting changes are on the short and long term horizon for Plastic Surgery Queensland?

In the short term, patients can anticipate our same standard of excellence and access to an expanded range of surgical and non-surgical treatments across all locations. The launch of the ARTAS® iXi hair restoration robot at our Noosa practice is a significant short-term milestone, symbolising our dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Looking ahead, our long-term vision involves further innovation and specialisation, with a focus on continually adopting advanced techniques and technologies. We aim to establish Plastic Surgery Queensland as a leader in providing personalised and transformative solutions, not only meeting but exceeding the evolving expectations of our diverse patient base.

Our commitment remains steadfast – to be at the forefront of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in South East Queensland, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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