SkinCeuticals Opens First Department Store Location In Partnership With Dr Frank Lin

Why SkinCeuticals General Manager Lucy Bradshaw states that the clinic “extends professional treatments and integrated skincare solutions to a broader audience than ever before.”

SkinCeuticals Australia has proudly unveiled its latest venture – an avant-garde satellite clinic in collaboration with esteemed practitioner Dr. Frank Lin and the renowned EST Clinic. SPA+CLINIC attended the exclusive opening event earlier this month.

Situated within the Myer Chadstone locale, this cutting-edge facility seamlessly blends the expertise of medical aesthetics with an unwavering commitment to accessibility and skincare education.

Part of this collaboration is SkinCeuticals‘ strategic selection of HydraFacial as the premium treatment of choice. Recognising its widespread market awareness and proven track record for delivering exceptional skin health outcomes, HydraFacial aligns seamlessly with SkinCeuticals’ commitment to science-backed skincare.

The non-invasive HydraFacial treatment is available in combination with SkinCeuticals’ line-up of results-driven skincare, focusing on enhancing skin health through a three-step process – opening pores, extracting impurities, and removing dead skin cells. This aligns seamlessly with SkinCeuticals’ dedication to offering advanced skincare products that are firmly grounded in scientific research.

“At SkinCeuticals, we take immense pride in our enduring partnership with Dr. Frank Lin and EST Clinic. The launch of the world’s first SkinCeuticals satellite clinic within a department store marks an exciting collaboration. This milestone enables SkinCeuticals and EST Clinic to extend professional treatments and integrated skincare solutions to a broader audience than ever before”

SkinCeuticals General Manager, Lucy Bradshaw

Exclusive to the SkinCeuticals x EST satellite clinic at Myer Chadstone, clients can choose from a curated selection of five facial treatments designed to cater to diverse skincare needs:

  1. SkinPrep: Crafted to deliver a pre-event glow, this treatment sets the stage for radiant skin.
  2. SkinSmooth: This gentle exfoliation treatment utilizes a range of alpha and beta hydroxy acid peels to reveal smoother skin.
  3. Skin Bright: Incorporating rejuvenating LED light therapy post-peel, this treatment focuses on enhancing skin brightness.
  4. HydraFacial™ Signature 3 Step: The clinic’s premium offering, utilizing vortex technology for a three-step cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate system.
  5. SkinRenew: Unleashing the ultimate skin reset, this results-driven treatment combines HydraFacial™, SkinCeuticals professional peel, and LED light therapy.

This pioneering collaboration not only reflects SkinCeuticals’ commitment to innovation but also signifies a paradigm shift in the accessibility of professional treatments and skincare solutions. As the aesthetics industry evolves, SkinCeuticals Australia, Dr. Frank Lin, and EST Clinic stand at the forefront, revolutionising the way consumers experience skincare within a department store setting.

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