5 Treatment Wavelengths For Outstanding LED Results

There’s so much to love about Professional LED Light Therapy Machines. LED is an excellent treatment for those looking to renew and revitalise their skin as the light wavelengths stimulate the production of collagen and increase levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), resulting in an intensive healing therapy that delivers powerful skin corrective results.

The Global Beauty Group share 5 treatment wavelengths for outstanding LED results and how they can benefit your business and clients.

Client benefit: Red light LED encourages circulation, lymphatic flow and ATP production. As red light LED works hard to boost collagen and elastin production, it is a must-have for clinics focused on anti-ageing treatments.

Pair it with: For a power-packed approach to anti-ageing, pair red light LED Light Therapy with IPL photo-rejuvenation or RF skin tightening.

Client benefit: Blue light LED is what you’ll need to target unwanted blemishes. Blue light LED works to reduce sebaceous activity and kills acne-causing bacteria. Acne sufferers know that congestion can be uncomfortable and irritating – LED is a pain free and soothing approach to skin clearing.

Pair it with: Carbon Facial treatments paired with blue light LED is a real blemish-buster. Ensure your client is pairing all of their skin treatments with proper at-home skin health routines.

Client benefit: Green light LED is your go-to for stimulating Tyrosinase Inhibitors to reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Green light LED creates a relaxing skin tone corrective facial that focuses on addressing unwanted sunspots, freckles and discolouration.

Pair it with: IPL Machines offer effective pigmentation correction results and when paired with green light LED sessions, can offer a great skin tone corrective treatment program for your clients.

Client benefit: Yellow Light LED exudes good vibes. Yellow light LED detoxifies the skin to reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation. In addition to hydrating your complexion, yellow light LED will give your mood and energy the pick-me-up that everyone can benefit from.

Pair it with: Yellow light LED is known to be used post-laser facials to soothe and hydrate. Offer yellow light LED as an energy booster to any skin service!

Client benefit: Near-infrared’s longer wavelength means that it penetrates deeper into the cells, providing additional therapeutic benefits that span tissue and cellular regeneration and even muscle and joint pain relief. Near-infrared LED reduces skin and tissue inflammation, speeds up healing of lesions and wounds and boosts cellular oxygenation for a healthy, radiant glow.

Pair it with: Near-infrared is a results-booster to any age management skin treatment. Alternatively, if a client mentions an ache or pain during their treatment, why not deliver near-infrared at the same time as their service? Talk about multi-tasking!

The Global Beauty Group’s MediLUX LED Machine harnesses clinicians with the most versatile aesthetic technology available on the market. Thanks to pre-set facial programs and the ability to customise and save your signature treatments on the system, MediLUX provides ultimate flexibility and convenience when it comes to delivering anti-ageing and skin renewal programs.

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