This Melbourne Studio is Bringing Mindfulness to Your Own Home

It’s a meditation studio with a twist.

How often throughout the day do you pause, slow down or truly take in what’s going on around you? It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of daily life and begin to feel burnt out, especially as we emerge from lockdown and enter the silly season. But South Melbourne-based meditation and mindfulness studio Mirosuna is changing the mental wellness game.

Mirosuna founder Sally Kellet is changing the wellness game.

Mirosuna is bringing mindfulness to you with their virtual studio offerings that promote wellness for individuals, couples and colleagues alike. Here, we speak to founder Sally Kellett about Mirosuna’s offerings, workplace wellness and her top tips and mindful rituals.

Can you tell us about the experience you’ve created at Mirosuna?

SK: I like to define Mirosuna as an urban mind park and wellness sanctuary. In creating Mirosuna, I wanted to provide a community and way of living. We help busy, tired and stressed-out professionals all over the world find genuine ways to relax and find peace amongst the noise through transformative mindfulness and meditation teachings. Be it in person or virtually, at Mirosuna our classes and courses are multi-sensory experiences, each with a bespoke curriculum and meditation tools. Our goal is for you to leave Mirosuna feeling reconnected and truly recharged.

What inspired the launch of Mirosuna’s studio and virtual studio?

SK: Our virtual studio was born from our mission of wanting to deliver mindfulness and meditation beyond borders. We wanted everyone to be able to have access to The Mirosuna Way and its teachings. We believe that everyone should get the opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation. It is for everyone.

Being once tethered to a busy corporate career myself, I saw firsthand that no amount of money can bring true happiness to one’s life. It doesn’t matter about how much you get paid, the home you have, car you drive – it’s not uncommon for people to feel empty or not passionate about life. I wanted to change this outlook and inspire others to unlock their keys to happiness, which is a kind of eudaimonic happiness found on the inside – not like hedonic happiness where we attach our happiness to external things that are forever changing, morphing and disappearing.

I also knew that most busy professionals thought of mindfulness and meditation as this “woo woo” kind of thing, which is why I created Mirosuna to help people connect with a more welcoming version of mindfulness that is tangible, practical yet powerful — something that you can derive benefits from very quickly instead of having to dedicate hours to sitting in meditation every day.

Why is it so important for us to treat our mental wellness the same as our physical fitness?

SK: My nun teachers always taught me, there is no point having an able body if your mind is messy and full. We can physically look and feel fit but if our emotional, mental and spiritual health is no good, then we cannot be truly happy.

Having poor mental wellness will always affect your physical health in some way, shape or form. Poor mental health can lead to body pains and aches, change in digestion, hormonal fluctuations and so much more. You cannot have one without the other. To be truly ‘fit’, we must work on ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is how we find purpose, motivation, energy and a good frame of mind to get through life and all of its challenges.

Please talk us through your offerings, both online an in-studio.

SK: When we curate our offerings, we always think of our client’s journey from start to finish, then have touch points along their whole journey with us.

For people who are new to mindfulness and meditation, they may want to dip their toes in to see if they resonate with our teachings. We are currently offering our Outdoor Summer Series where we meditate together at the beach and nature.

When people decide that this is something they’d like to continue, they usually will sign up for our memberships which means they commit to a set number of classes every week and get our signature OMMM Massage monthly. OMMM Stands for the Original Meditative Massage in Melbourne. For the more serious meditators, we have our Online Meditation Fundamentals course, too!

What are your top tips for workplace wellness & mindfulness?

  • Be Intentional. Everything we do, should start with our intention. Ask yourself, what is the real reason behind what you do? What do you want to accomplish by going to work apart from paying the bills? Whilst everyone will have their own practical reasons, one intention or reason we can ALL share is our wish to be of help to others. The more help you give to others, the more happiness you will experience yourself. It is a win-win.
  • Have concern for those around you. As my mindfulness practice grew stronger and stronger, I experienced a whole new level of care for others. This uplifted my energy and changed the conversations I was having with people and the things I’d care about. There’s a myth about keeping your “work friends” separate, but the reality is good people come into your life at any given time and there is no need to compartmentalise your life.
  • Practice patience. On any given day, people and situations will push you to your limits. The biggest challenge of them all, I find, is people. We lose our patience because so much of what people do is out of our control and sometimes, we don’t like it. The lesson: don’t let others disturb your emotional center.

How can we incorporate more mindfulness into each day?

SK: Life can get busy, and trying to schedule an hour-long meditation or self-care session every other day can seem a bit unrealistic. Good news is – you don’t have to. When it comes to minimising stress and burnout, a little mindfulness can go a long way. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate more mindfulness everyday:

  • Wake up and pause. Find that moment where you have woken and are conscious enough not to fall back asleep. Lay there for a few minutes and inhale 3 deep breaths into your stomach then chest. Control your mind and focus on what you can hear outside.
  • The art of showering. A shower can be something that just ‘has to be done’, but with mindfulness you can transform it into a peaceful and enjoyable exercise. Slow everything down. Where are you in a rush to? Why are you scrubbing so fast? Or are you just on autopilot, rushing in your shower because you haven’t put the brakes on rushing throughout your day?
  • Cut the crap. It’s normal for humans to gravitate towards negativity and negative conversations. Everytime you find yourself engaging in negative conversation or thoughts, actively stop and change the conversation.
  • Do something kind. Next time you’re in bed about to go to sleep, reflect on your day and think about all the kind things you did for yourself and others. Doing something kind doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, of course it can be that too but the most important thing is your intention. When this kindness is received, it feels good for all parties. 
  • Cut out useless activities. Start mentally categorising your activities into the spark joy or kill joy bucket. If the activity doesn’t spark joy, bring you closer to your higher purpose or doesn’t help you relax, ask yourself, can you afford to drop it.

How can we create a more mindful, stress-free space at home?

SK: I love this question because our homes are so important – it’s where we anchor ourselves back to at the end of each day, so naturally our goal should be to make it a grounding and calming space. Here are a few tips I have and personally like to follow myself:

  • Create a daily ritual. Whether it’s every morning or night, create a little wellness ritual for yourself where you spend that moment of calm by yourself, being fully in the moment and taking that time to breathe.
  • Create a wellness nook in your house. Grab yourself a pretty corner where you put your favourite candle, incense, painting, plant, essential oils etc.
  • Declutter. Marie Kondo everything that you can, give away things that no longer resonate with you or spark joy. We don’t need to have a lot of ‘things’ to be happy.
  • Make your home multi-sensory. Consider your light situation at home.; use your favourite oils and natural scents on you and your home; surround your home with comfortable textures that are practical.


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