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Every salon, spa and clinic have their off-peak times, but if there are too many of them it soon becomes a major issue to have therapists sitting idle.

It’s not only frustrating and boring for them but represents a waste of resources that costs a business owner real money.

Angel Massage is striving to become the ‘Wotif of massage’ and help fill the gaps that many spas and clinics inevitably have when work fluctuates.

Customers who contact Angel Massage are looking look for qualified, experienced massage therapists to deliver them a one-hour service at home, a hotel or at their office – and they want it within an hour or two of booking.

By listing your therapists with Angel Massage it allows you as a business owner to maximise their time and your bottom line during those slow periods.

In turn, Angel Massage then has experienced operators on tap on whom to call at short notice.

Technology synchronising calendars is making the experience highly effective for both parties. On the demand side, it helps customers get what they want now. On the supply side it helps therapists fill time where they haven’t filled it themselves.

At present, the service is aimed at out-of-clinic business but an app currently under development will allow customers to book in-clinic or mobile massage next year.

The key point of difference with Angel Massage is that it gets a constant source of new qualified leads through its sister business, 3 Minute Angels.

This business provides five-minute massages to workplaces nationally and this essentially means the two brands can act as one pipeline. With 3 Minute Angels providing a five-minute `product sample’ massage, Angel Massage is then priming customers to buy a one-hour massage.

If partnering with Angel Massage would benefit your business by re-marketing your idle hours, visit

* Andrew Ward is founder of 3 Minute Angels and Angel Massage.


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