The Better Brand: Gender Neutral, Sustainable Fragrances That Are Actually Good For Your Skin

Meet the Australian perfume collection reimagining the way we approach scent.

Often housed in elaborate packaging and made using ingredients that are hard to pronounce, the olfactory industry hasn’t always been the most environmentally friendly.

Here to change the game is fragrance newcomer, The Better Brand. This new range of gender-neutral fragrances has been created using skin-loving ingredients and comes packaged in 100 per cent recycled HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) bottles with 100 per cent recyclable HDPE plastic lids.

“The idea started with me questioning how can I use my knowledge of the skincare and beauty industry and marry this with a desire to create a more sustainable and progressive brand,” says The Better Brand’s owner, Tamara Eacott.

“I personally love products that smell good because they make me feel good so the focus on fragranced products for The Better Brand was a no-brainer. But I am conscious the beauty industry can be doing much better with its sustainable choices. My challenge was to combine this with a desire to create incredibly beautiful products,” continues Eacott.

The Better Brand’s mission

Rather than striving for perfection, through The Better Brand, Eacott wants to encourage others to strive simply to be better by making small but important changes to their everyday choices.

One such choice we can all start with is choosing more sustainable fragrance options. The Better Brand enables customers to do this while “still relishing the emotive and sensory experience that fragrance offers,” explains Eacott.

“I want The Better Brand to make a difference through constant change, persistent progress and a continued effort to do better. Because if we’re not looking to improve, we’ll never instigate meaningful change,” says Eacott.

The Better Brand’s advice for other brands wanting to create change in the sustainability space

Through the research and development processes in creating The Better Brand, Eacott and her team learnt there are many avenues through which brands can integrate more sustainable practices.

With that in mind, Eacott emphasises that “there is no one magic formula.” “In most cases, the limitations are set by the capabilities of the country you live in and the resources it provides you. We would certainly encourage any brands to research how they can incorporate a strategy for short, medium and long-term focus on more sustainable practices,” says Eacott.

The Better Brand’s product range

The Better Brand launches with a handful of gender-neutral products including solid fragrances, body elixirs, eau de fraiche mists and refills for each.

If you’d like to consider stocking The Better Brand in your spa, salon or clinic, the brand’s National Sales Manager, Rae Williams, has some thoughts:

“Fragrance is an emerging, on-trend category within the landscape of salons and spas. People usually buy their fragrance from someone they don’t know. Giving your client the opportunity to experience a fragrance via an established, trusted relationship with their beauty therapist is a new dimension in a spa’s retail offering. Fragrance is proven to trigger memories that will deliver strong recall to your spa, adding to the emotional connection the client maintains with your business.”

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