SPARITUAL: The Luxury Spa Range Loved By The Ritz-Carlton And The Four Seasons Hotels

SPA+CLINIC catches up with the brand’s founder, Shel Pink.

Ever wondered which skin and body ranges the world’s best luxury spas choose to use in their treatments and stock on their shelves? Well, slow beauty brand, SPARITUAL is one such range favoured by premium spa destinations including The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons.

SPA+CLINIC sat down with the brand’s founder and author of Slow Beauty Rituals and Recipes to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul, Shel Pink, to hear all about SPARITUAL’s collaborations with these top-tier wellness destinations.

SPARITUAL Founder, Shel Pink

How did the collaborations between SPARITUAL and The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons come about?

SPARITUAL and our Slow Beauty philosophy are loved by spa professionals around the world
where they use our treatment products in manicure, pedicure and body care treatment services
in the spa. We have been collaborating with spas such as The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons
for many years and continue to collaborate with luxury spa locations globally. Many of these
locations are independently operated and we work with each Spa Director to tailor the
SPARITUAL program and selected protocols to suit the ethos and essence of the particular
location and hotel/resort brand.

Could you please tell us a bit about the nature of the collaborations?

Selected locations of The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons spas where we partner, use
SPARITUAL in their manicure and pedicure treatment services. We have trained their nail
technicians on the SPARITUAL Mindful Manicure and Mindful Pedicure which is our 30-minute
experience that includes a signature breathing ritual at the start of each service to help calm
the guest and reduce any stress and anxiety. This treatment also includes our signature Slow
Beauty massage to melt away tension and restore balance whilst delivering intense moisture
and restoring skin health to the hands and feet.

The Slow Beauty Manicure and Pedicure is our 60-minute service and begins with the breathing
technique as well and also includes a purifying exfoliation followed by a soaking experience to
cleanse away any tension and stress. The guest may choose between a moisture-rich or
detoxifying mask to meet their specific needs. A signature massage relaxes and restores the
body and mind and the nails are perfectly polished and finely groomed.

Several of our partner locations also offer the SPARITUAL Meditative Manicure and Pedicure
known as SOUND OF COLOR. This treatment merges the beauty ritual of the manicure and
pedicure with the ancient practice of meditation. SOUND OF COLOR offers a unique spa
experience integrating beauty, health and wellness services, for a holistic experience the guest
can enjoy. This service includes a unique meditation paired with the SPARITUAL nail lacquer colour selected by the guest. All of the SPARITUAL body care products with effective skin health
benefits are applied throughout the service via our signature massage techniques.

Where are SPARITUAL treatments and products offered?

Our stunning range is offered at some of the largest and most renowned spa locations
including, The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina and The Ritz-Carlton Grande
Lakes in Orlando Florida. SPARITUAL products and methods are also offered at Four Seasons
Resort Rancho Encantado in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i in Lanai City
Hawaii; Four Seasons Aviara at the Aviara Residence Club in Carlsbad, California; Four Seasons
Seattle in Seattle, Washington; and at Four Seasons Hotel Houston in Houston, Texas.
All of these locations carry our assortment of Nourishing Vegan Color and our range of body
care products used in the manicure and pedicure services. The Four Seasons in Hawaii and
California also offer the SOUND OF COLOR program.

Our next and most exciting chapter for SPARITUAL, sees its presence in Australia at premium
spas and beauty salons. With its vegan-friendly and clean beauty formulation, plus its slow
beauty philosophy, we see the opportunity for Australian spas to incorporate this into their
treatment and services. It offers a unique point of difference, and also allows the client to
continue the spa experience at home with our retail offerings.

What are the benefits of Sparitual products and why are they a good fit for those staying at The Ritz and The Four Seasons and similar spas of this calibre?

SPARITUAL is a clean, vegan, sustainable beauty care brand based on the rituals of Slow Beauty
and the spa tradition. All of our treatment products offer effective skin health benefits to
nourish the body and nails for optimal health and well-being. We offer high-quality formulas
that contain nature-derived ingredients including fair-trade and certified organic. Our body care
products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Our nail polish
formula is 13-free and has been formulated to improve the health of the nail to promote nail
growth and strength.

The clientele at these types of spa hotels and resorts like The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons
expect high-quality experiences throughout their stay including in spa treatments. The high quality and effectiveness of the SPARITUAL products coupled with the quality of the service and the education we offer to the spa professionals is perfectly suited to exceed the spa guest’s expectations. Guests will feel less stressed, more relaxed, calmer and their skin and nails will be in a healthy state. Our goal always is to help make the guest look good and feel good, and we choose to collaborate with partners who align with the SPARITUAL well-being values.

Anything else you’d like to add about the partnerships?

We love to partner with our spas to support them for on-going success. We help our partners
develop their menu for manicure, pedicure and body care treatment services, and provide
detailed educational training for the Spa professional at all levels including Director, Nail
Technicians, Massage Therapists and retail staff for spa treatments that will exceed the
expectations of the guests who receive them.

We believe slowing down to return home to yourself is the path to help reduce stress and
anxiety and set healthy boundaries for the 24/7 culture we live in. We are committed to
creating healthy body and nail care products for the spa professional and the Slow Beauty
advocate. Our products and programs are designed to intentionally connect you to Slow Beauty
Rituals to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment and set in motion the return to a state of
wholeness and optimal health for skin, body and mind.

As we grace Australia with this stunning range, we are now offering Partner and Stockist
opportunities to extend our Slow Beauty philosophy across this industry. We welcome enquiries via (03) 8520 9541 or via our enquiry form.

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