Get Your Business On The Big Screen

If you’ve dreamed of seeing your salon, spa or clinic in lights, here’s your – highly affordable – chance.

Commercial TV advertising is a highly unrealistic promotional gambit for most salons, spas and clinics – prohibitively expensive for all but few and it can be scattergun in terms of audience.

Moreover, when a business is limited to one, or very few geographical locations, it doesn’t make sense commercially to broadcast to the wider world.

But there’s an alternative that offers TV quality production values to a far more targeted audience, and with many more inbuilt advantages.

The new frontier of video is a vital tool in online marketing, gaining a social media following, client and employee recruitment, branding and more.

Big Review TV is Australia’s largest producer of online video content, enabling you to capture your business in action on film and broadcast it out to hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, social media and other channels online (both yours and theirs).

It brings a wealth of expertise, provides all the equipment and has an impressive production crew.

“It’s almost like being able to be on TV but more effective,” says Sonia Thurston, Executive Director and Chief Communications Officer of Big Review TV.

You can choose from myriad packages, all at realistic, differing price points, and receive a range of different edits – from a 15 second Instagram essential video to a full two and a half minute exposure of your business and everything in between.

The payment plan works over a year, where Big Review TV retains the copyright and you purchase the rights to the videos over 12 months. In most cases, this can be allocated as a tax deductible marketing expense.

After renewing your package when the year is done, you’re given new, updated content that shows off your business once again.

These packages start below just $1000 for the full year, and build to silver, gold and platinum packages that offer more and more content, allowing you to create an extensive content library for your business.

Big Review TV has had much success with its online TV shows that they can guarantee 250,000 internet users will view the footage when it goes live on all their channels (and yours), throughout the year.

You could use this content on the home page of your website, as a flagship video on your YouTube channel, across your various social media outlets, in direct mail to your clients, in recruitment strategies and on loop on the big screen in your salon, spa or clinic.


Sonia Thurston outlines how you can benefit:

• Big Review TV offers you the opportunity to “personalise” your offering – give potential a clients a good idea of what you’re like as a person, ditto your team, the ethos of your business, an inside peek of how it looks and runs, and to discuss your skill set, treatment specialties and points of difference from competitors. This will make people feel comfortable about coming to you and engender trust.
• You can talk fairly freely about products, treatments and trends.
• You can showcase your handiwork by including befores and afters of successful client/patient outcomes. These are a very potent marketing tool.
• You can include patient/client testimonials.
• You can demystify treatments that are shrouded in misconception, suspicion or fear. For instance, we do a lot of work with dental practices. It enables dentists to allay consumer fears that it is not the horror show it was in the old days.
• Video for Facebook is a fast growing marketing tool. Big Review TV can include Facebook video snippets as part of the overall package.


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