Inner Beauty Snacks To Stock At Your Spa

Every day, inner wellness and gut health become more intrinsically linked to exterior beauty and optimised ageing, and it’s now exceedingly common (if not expected) for day spas and luxury clinics to provide their guests with some sort of inside-out beauty solution on arrival. Often, these come in the form of collagen drinks or digestive teas, but nowadays it’s not unusual for these to also be accompanied by bliss balls, wholefood bars or protein snacks designed to improve inner health and even boost the skin from within.

The spa industry’s newfound fascination with inner health means it’s also not uncommon to stock these sorts of health+beauty snacks in your retail section. They will make fabulous impulse buys for your reception desk too, and we’re certain you have at least a few no-time-to-spare clients that will appreciate the on-the-go snack opportunity.

Here are some options that will not only boost your clients’ health, but look fab on any shelf or countertop:

Health Lab
Health Lab’s Probiotic Beauty Balls are a range of (delicious) protein balls specifically designed to target external beauty needs. They’re vegan and filled to the brim with gut loving and complexion boosting ingredients, with two flavours available; Choc Matcha and Mixed berry, and both contain a whopping 1 billion probiotics.


We Bar None
If you (or your clients) strive towards sustainable solutions, you will both love We Bar None. Not only do they make a range of uniquely-flavoured, raw, vegan and paleo wholefood bars (like gingerbread and Turkish delight) but their packaging is 100% compostable. It’s plant-based and made from cellulose derived from sources like Eucalyptus and sugar cane. All ingredients are ethically sourced, and any trees cut down in the process are replaced by at least one new tree, if not more. Even the adhesive is certified home compostable.


The Daily Bar
Founders of the Daily Bar got tired of sugary snack bars with dates, processed protein powders, food thickening gums and tapioca starches hidden under the ‘gluten free’ safety net, so they created a range of superfood bars that would spoil tastebuds without spoiling health. There are antioxidant bars, gut-loving bars, and bars for crushing sugar cravings, all raw, organic, gluten/dairy/grain-free and without refined sugar. Their packaging on the other hand, is super sweet, in adorable shades of pastel.


Carob Kitchen
Carob Kitchen has a range of ‘better for you’ chocolate alternative snacks, heroing carob and with no added sugar. Their Banjo Bears are too cute to handle, naturally sweet, smooth and creamy, and will crush the chocolate craving without the guilt. They’re also gluten-free, caffeine-free and made without palm oil, while also being rich in antioxidants, fibre, protein, and vitamins A, B, B2, B3 & D.


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