Inner Health For Outer Beauty

With more than half the population downing vitamin and dietary supplements, Ashleigh Sharman says it’s time to consider how clients, and your business, can reap the benefits.

It will come as no surprise that two thirds of Australian households (approximately eight million) have purchased vitamin and dietary supplements in the past 12 months – translating to approximately 58 per cent of the Australia population (23.8 million)* and a great number of your own clients, whether you are aware of it or not.

“Most people take supplements as they are concerned that they are not consuming sufficient nutrients from their diet alone, or that they have a health issue that may benefit from a natural supplement rather than or in conjunction with a medical approach,” explains Danielle Steedman, naturopath at Blackmores Naturopathic Advisory Service.

“Arthritis, low energy, poor sleep, stress, anxietyand so forth are some common conditions that motivate people to try a supplement.”

When it comes to supporting skin health, Danielle recommends nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, lutein, selenium and antioxidants, including green tea, grapeseed extract and Coenzyme Q10.

“These are important for healthy collagen synthesis which functions as the support structure for hydrated, youthful skin as adequate nutrition can keep skin supply and hydrated to fight the signs of ageing and retain a healthy glow,” she says.

Consider, then, your own business. Are you currently asking clients at each consultation if they are taking supplements? It’s a common enough question inside the GP’s office.

However it is something we may well consider when trying to achieve the best skin outcomes for clients; even providing a new revenue stream.

Created to fill a void in the market, InSkin Cosmedics recently launched, Skintrition – three TGA registered supplements designed to provide a great start to maintaining and improving client skin health.

The range currently consists of EFAs Max Complex, Bio-Collagen Defence 4-in-1 and Spirulina Plus, to support healthy, radiant, younger looking skin.

“We wanted to launch this range as a ‘home brand’ because the industry has a real problem sourcing top quality nutritional supplements and if they can, they are often committed to carrying an entire skincare range to support it,” says Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO and Founder of InSkin Cosmedics.

“We wanted this range to be available exclusively to the beauty industry without them feeling they had to commit to thousands of dollars of skincare and, as many consumers buy their supplements from supermarkets and health food stores, why shouldn’t they be getting them from their skin therapist too?”

inner-beautyPowdered supplements are also on the rise in salons and clinics across the country with brands such as The Beauty Chef, by Carla Oates, and The Super Elixir, by Elle Macpherson’s own WelleCo, focusing on the mantra of ‘inner health outer beauty’ with products that work to bring the body to an alkaline state and encouraging good gut health.

Thalgo too is promoting a nutrition range of marine health supplements that assist client concerns from figure refining to collagen boosting.

“We no longer talk about facials alone,” says Kim Thomasson, BLC Cosmetics education manager, “but rather a new beauty approach that will allow us to offer clients more results and to do so over the long term.”

And it is this new approach to beauty (the ‘inside out’ beauty) that not only forms part of the wellness revolution but encourages a holistic approach to client care and next level client outcomes.

* Sources: Nielsen HomeScan MAT 21/03/2015; ABS

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