Crystals Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you love crystal treatments as much as we do, you may have realised that the humble rose quartz roller has some stiff competition nowadays! Brands are expanding rapidly, experimenting not just with the types of crystals they offer, but the shapes and styles of products that can be used across spa and wellness treatments. Here are just a few of the stunning new offerings we’ve seen:

Acupuncture Wellness Co Rose Quartz Eye Mask
Said to be the first of its kind from an Australian brand, this luxurious rose quartz eye mask’s design is completely unique, offering the loving, soothing energetics of Rose Quartz in a decadent mask form ideal for crystal facials. Made from intricately woven rectangles of pure rose quartz crystals, it is designed to be worn over closed eyes and extends to gently touch temples, and encourages self-love, compassion and trust to those who wear it.


Samson & Charlie Black Obsidian Gua Sha
Not your average gua sha! Unique in its jet black aesthetic, this is the ultimate ‘cleansing’ tool, both in terms of lymphatic drainage and for Black Obsidian’s ability to purge negative thoughts and emotions, believed to provide powerful mental detoxification that shields and protects against negativity allowing the bearer to release disharmony, resentment and anger.



White Lotus Beauty Crystal Comb
Crystal combs are designed to nourish the hair, as opposed to simply detangling strands. In medieval times, many believed that crystal combs could improve the qi energy of hairs, and as a result, the circulation of blood would improve in the scalp. Nowadays, users of crystal combs are advised to turn the process into a wellness ritual of sorts, take deep breaths and focusing deeply on stroking the comb through the hair very gently, resulting in a feeling of deep relaxation and tranquillity. Various crystal varieties available, including amethyst, rose and clear quartz, and jade.

Mineralism Ruby Kyanite And Fuchsite Massage Wand
Infuse your crystal facial massage component with a crystal massage wand for a heightened experience and deeper connection. Ruby Fuchsite helps users to build a bridge between deep desires and physical reality, making it the ultimate crystal to use alongside affirmations and positive thinking. Kyanite aids in meditation and improving intuition.
Roughly the size of your hand, this little gem can be used to gently massage the face or the neck and shoulders.


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