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Each year for the past 22 consecutive years, PAYOT Australia owners Clive and Rita Smith have rewarded the best of the best PAYOT salons across the country with an incentive trip: a week of wining, dining, shopping, sightseeing, training and all-round indulgence in Paris!

This year, Rita and two members of the team from PAYOT Australia hosted a handful of lucky spa and salon guests for an action-packed week, as a well-deserved reward for all of their hard work.

This is what the week brought…

Sunday May 19 – Bienvenue
Salon owners from all over Australia flew into Paris and were greeted with a cocktail party at Hotel Royal Saint Honore – where they would be calling home for the trip. Old friends were reunited and new friends were welcomed over a glass of French champagne.

Each year, the PAYOT group explores a new area, and this year called for spending the day enjoying the French countryside. Attendees visited The Château de Chantilly, a historic château located in the town of Chantilly, France, about 50 kilometres north of Paris. Famous for housing the second largest collection of antique paintings after the Louvre, the group enjoyed works by Raphael, Poussin, Watteau and Ingres.

Following a private tour with a native French guide, a 3 course lunch at Le Jardin D’Hiver was served, before jetting off to The Great Stables. A masterpiece of 18th century architecture, the Great Stables were built by architect Jean Aubert for Louis-Henri de Bourbon, the 7th prince of Condé. They are a veritable horses’ palace, as it was rumoured that Henri de Bourbon believed that in his next life he would come back as a horse! The PAYOT group were treated to an Equestrian presentation, then walked around the stables to take in the incredible architecture.

Then it was back to The Château de Chantilly for an open cart tour of the gorgeous gardens, with matching audio presentation, and of course – Chantilly cream and strawberries before the bus ride back to Paris!

Tuesday May 21 – PAYOT HQ VISIT
Of course the highlight of the trip was the visit to PAYOT HQ in Paris! Attendees had the chance to meet teams from marketing, research & development, and education, discussing all things PAYOT. Visitors had a body treatment training session, making them the first to view and try products not yet released in Australia. Then it was off to dinner at Le Train Bleu.

Wednesday May 22 – Free Day/Evening
Whilst it was a free day, many from the team decided to visit the Van Gogh Exhibition at Atelier des Lumières. This immersive exhibition takes visitors into the works of Van Gogh with a spectacular light and music show. 

Thursday May 23 – Restaurant La Terrasse D’Ete
The final evening together, meeting at The Westin Hotel’s Restaurant La Terrasse D’Ete for a delicious 3 course meal with champagne and wines. The President of PAYOT, Marie-Laure Simonin Braun joined the group along with other members of the PAYOT team to wish everyone a fond farewell, and thanks for visiting Paris!

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