Vida Glow’s New Innovation Is Set To Target Pigmentation And Dark Circles

All science, no fiction.

The concept of a magic pill that reverses ageing is an idea floated around in many sci-fi films. It may seem like a fantasy that’s lightyears away but Vida Glow have us thinking the solution is closer than we think. Thanks to their first movers’ approach, they’ve produced an ingestible that is all science and no fiction.

Enter Radiance.

While Vida Glow aren’t promising eternal youth, the first product in its new phase of ingestible innovation targets pigmentation and skin tone perfection, one of the leading aesthetic concerns for Australians.    

“Radiance is our first Advanced Repair launch of targeted ingestible treatments for specific beauty concerns. We know an uneven skin tone is a real concern for our customers, and for many Australians. Having experienced post-pregnancy pigmentation after each of my children, I understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to shift stubborn pigmentation. There’s definitely a need for a simple and effective solution that people can work into their busy lives,” shares Vida Glow Founder, Anna Lahey.

The science behind the supplement

Like all of Vida Glow’s products, Radiance is formulated with efficacy as a top priority. Through cutting-edge science, it operates on a cellular level, addressing visible imperfections on the complexion, dark spots, darks circles and overall skin luminosity.

“Our new Radiance formula was created with bioavailable, research-backed ingredients shown in clinical trials to have a beneficial effect on overall skin tone and appearance. It contains a blend of antioxidants working to provide synergistic protection against the effects of oxidative stress – a well-known cause of unwanted skin changes like pigmentation and discolouration,” Vida Glow’s In-House Senior Research Scientist, Lauren, told us.

“We combined our hero ingredient SkinAx2™ with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, as they work on various targets in the body to prevent the causes of a dull complexion. They do this by regulating melanin production, stabilising collagen fibres and improving microcirculation, all key factors involved in producing radiant skin. 

“SkinAx2 is a patented extract of natural antioxidants; combining French grape seed from the Champagne region, and melon extracts from the South of France. When we discovered the SkinAx2 extract, I was very encouraged by the research. In clinical trials, it increased skin luminosity by 26%, reduced facial imperfections by -18%, and significantly reduced the appearance of dark circles under the eyes after 8 weeks. The team was very excited about its potential in an innovative formulation like Radiance. This product is really a first of its kind on the market.”

A new direction for delivery

The powder format of Vida Glow’s marine collagen and Anti-G-Ox products have won awards. But the decision to offer Radiance as a once-daily capsule was very deliberate.

“Delivery in a capsule was a very conscious deviation from the delivery format of our original hero product, marine collagen. Different molecules and active ingredients differ substantially in their bioavailability and the way they behave once they are ingested,” shares Lauren.

“Whilst a powder format provides maximal absorption for our Marine Collagen and Anti-G-Ox products, Radiance is quite different. We’ve used a plant-derived (vegan) cellulose capsule to protect the sensitive active SkinAx2™ from harsh stomach acidity as it travels through the digestive tract, providing targeted release upon arrival in the small intestines. This ensures that all the active ingredients are not prematurely degraded and are broken down and absorbed in the intended place. They are then taken up into the bloodstream and fully distributed throughout the body for optimal efficacy.”

A bright future for skin health innovation

Radiance isn’t the only market-first product from Vida Glow set to make its way to our shelves in the near future. Its holistic approach to skin health and active pursuit of both prevention and treatment from all angles is a focus for the future.

“We know the feeling that comes from seeing tangible results. It’s our mission to create ingestibles that work with busy, active lifestyles to offer science-backed benefits. As research and clinical trials evolve, we’re learning more about the possibilities of ingestible beauty. Vida Glow is very much at the forefront of innovation in this category, and our passion comes from pushing the boundaries of what ingestible products can do in a beauty routine,” shares Anna.


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