Christmas Gifts To Make You More Relaxed

Do you still need Christmas gifts for your team, your VIP clients, or maybe you want to treat yourself to a little something special (nothing wrong with that! #selfcare)? This year we’ve put a major focus on staying well over the holidays, and even incorporated this mentality into our annual Christmas gift guide.

You can read our full Christmas Gift Guide, plus more tips on how to keep stress at bay over the silly season in our current issue of SPA+CLINIC here.

Gifts To Make You More…Relaxed

The Aceology Facial Ice Globe Massagers are a soothing finishing step to any skincare routine or masking component, giving facial muscles and tissue a little workout and leaving skin lifted and radiant. Ideally suited for use alongside serums and facial oils.
RRP $64

The Salt Box Relaxation Bath Soak is 100% natural, blended with aromatic Essential Oils and rich in magnesium to help you unwind and prepare for sleep. Pink Himalayan Salts also detoxify while lavender and citrus essential oils work their calming magic on the skin, mind and body.
RRP $26.99



Turn your hand cream into a calming ritual with Melissa Allen Mood Essentials I Have Calm Hand and Face Cream. A versatile moisturiser infused with a blend of natural essential oils and hydrating agents that harness the power of lavender, this cream allows for a quiet moment of relaxation and aromatherapy during each use.
RRP $27



Acupuncture Wellness Co’s luxurious rose quartz eye mask is made from intricately woven rectangles of pure rose quartz crystals. It is designed to be worn over closed eyes and extends to gently touch temples, and encourages self-love, compassion and trust to those who wear it.
RRP $180


Ultra quiet and ideal for small spaces or on the go, the In Essence Mini USB Ultrasonic Diffuser releases a fine cool mist while LED coloured light options help you create your desired ambience (or none if you prefer). Pair with a relaxation essential oil blend for instant tranquillity.
RRP $54.95


The Cedar and Stone Deep Sleep, Chamomile and Valerian Mist room and body mist has been specifically formulated to help achieve deeper sleep patterns. Valerian Extract & Roman Chamomile helps you switch off from the day’s activities, facilitating peace and rest.
RRP $25

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