Are Psychics The New Wellness Practitioners?

Jessica Lynne shares her reasoning as to why psychics can positively impact an individual’s wellbeing.

As a child, Jessica Lynne always had a strong intuition and a knack for predicting things before they happened. It wasn’t until the passing of her Nana, who raised her, at the age of 12 that she realised the significance of her abilities.

To help with the grief of her loss, Jess began her spiritual journey when she was told that she possessed a spiritual gift

Ever wondered exactly what psychics do? We caught up with Jess to break some of the myths and take a deeper look at what psychics can offer.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about Psychics?

  1. Psychic Mediums can read your mind & always know what you’re thinking

    Psychic Mediums are definitely NOT able to read minds. There are many boundaries and limits that come with being able to communicate with the spirit world and this is one of them.

    The spirit world won’t allow a Psychic Medium to access your thoughts – as they are sacred to you.

    The way Psychic Mediums receive information from the spirit world is very energy based via their psychic senses such as feelings, images, sounds, or an inner knowing. 
    Psychic Mediums learn how to turn their gift “on” and “off” and most have very strong morals around connecting with the spirit world; this includes tapping into your energy only when permission is received to do so.

    Rest assured your secrets, internal dialogue and private thoughts are safe! 
  2. Online Psychic Medium Readings aren’t as accurate as in person

    There is a massive misconception that seeing a Psychic Medium in person is more accurate and legitimate than connecting with a Psychic Medium online.

    Connecting online has become the preferred way of operating in recent years which allows Psychic Mediums to connect with clients all over the globe and allows you to enjoy a reading in the comfort and privacy of your own home or your car (this is a very popular spot for mums!). 
    A Psychic Medium’s ability to be able to connect with the spirit world is limitless and operates outside the physical world.

    Know that your loved ones will show up for you no matter where and how the reading takes place. 
  3. A Psychic and a Medium aren’t the same thing

    Psychics and Mediums are very different in the way they connect with the spirit world. 
    A Psychic is someone who is gifted with the ability to connect with you and your energy to deliver messages around your past, present and potential future. 
    Mediums connect with their client’s departed loved ones in the spirit world to provide support, comfort, guidance and closure. 
    Not all Psychics are Mediums, however most Mediums have Psychic abilities. It is important to understand the difference between the two, so you engage with the right reader to receive your guidance. 

How can a Psychic assist someone with their overall wellbeing?

Connecting with the spirit world through a Psychic Medium can assist with improving your wellbeing as spirits provide clarity during difficult times and closure to those struggling with the loss of a loved one. 

When someone is in a deep state of grief and perhaps wasn’t able to say goodbye to a loved one due to a sudden passing, connecting with a Psychic Medium can provide the closure they need to move forward. 
Life can be tough and is often full of highs and lows. A Psychic Medium can provide valuable insights into situations you may be struggling with and assist with uncovering alternative perspectives.

Messages received from a spirit during a reading are often empowering as they provide validation you are on the right track and clarity around your decision making.

Spirits can literally blow your mind with the messages they provide, such as referencing conversations you have recently had as evidence they are guiding you. 
Self-love is something that most of us struggle with and is a life lesson in itself. Spirits often call us out when we are being too hard on ourselves and remind us to look after ourselves during difficult times.

When these messages are delivered to clients it shifts their mindset which in turn improves their wellbeing and mental health. During a reading, spirits empower and guide you towards people, places and things that will raise your vibration and align you with your higher self.  

What should clients look for when selecting a Psychic?

It’s important to understand why you are seeking out a Psychic in the first place; as this will determine the best reader to engage with.

If you are hoping to connect with a loved one in the spirit world, ensure you engage with a Medium who specialises in this area and has a proven track record of bringing souls forward.

Alternatively, if you are searching for clarity over a situation and are not looking to connect with a loved one in the spirit world engaging with a Psychic might be more suitable. 
When seeking out a reader it’s important to engage with the person you feel the most drawn to at that time. There is a reason you are feeling a pull towards them and it is often because they are the reader who will deliver messages to you exactly the way you need to receive them.  

It is always a good idea to have a look at the reader’s testimonials as this will give you insight into how they work and whether their style suits you. 

An ethical Psychic Medium will never approach you or push you to engage in their services, and if you receive strange messages from a reader claiming they are “picking up on your energy”, immediately block and delete.

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