Everything Practitioners Should Know About Wellness IV Drips

And why you might want to add this vitamin-infused treatment to your clinic.

Said to benefit the body and mind in numerous ways from boosting energy to beautifying the skin and even banishing hangovers, vitamin-infused IV drips are the wellness world’s favourite new trend. They’re popping up across the country, the treatment can be accessed in-clinics or even ordered to come to your home.

So, how do these wellness-enhancing concoctions work? And, should you consider adding one to your business’s treatment lineup? SPA+CLINIC caught up with The Wellness Group’s Madeline Calfas (RN, Nat. Nutritionist, B.Nursing, B. Naturopathy, Adv. Dip Naturopathy, Adv. Dip Nutrition, Adv. Dip Herb. Med.) to find out.

How do IV wellness drips work and what makes them so desirable?

Essentially, IV drips are a form of nutritional supplementation that deliver nutrients to the body in a very efficient way. “Instead of taking capsules, powders, tablets, transdermal patches or liposomal liquids, your nutritional requirements are delivered intravenously through an infusion – this means it’s directly into the bloodstream. Unlike oral supplements, you will get 100 per cent absorption of the nutrients being delivered,” says Calfas.

The treatment is administered via a bag of fluids and Calfas says all the extra fluid is another huge benefit in itself. “You are going to get a big dose of hydration directly to your cells where it’s most needed,” says Calfas.

What is contained in a wellness infusion?

IV drips are highly customisable and can be personalised to the needs of each client. A combination of nutrients can be included such as “all of the B vitamins, glutathione, zinc, magnesium, potassium and other electrolytes, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide),” explains Calfas.

“Large doses of Vitamin C can also be infused (larger than any amount of chewable tablets), amino acids and other minerals can be used in various combinations depending on your requirements. Iron can also be done as an IV infusion (although must be done on its own and not mixed with other nutrients),” says Calfas.

What are the benefits of wellness IV drips?

IV infusions can assist with an incredible spectrum of issues from low energy to dehydration as well as helping to support the immune system and benefit the skin. “They are also a great way to rapidly increase nutrient levels that may be too low,” says Calfas.

“IV Iron in particular is an excellent way to increase low levels of iron and can safely bring your levels back up quickly, which means the fatigue and exhaustion that you are feeling will pass much sooner.”

Plus, IV infusions won’t cause constipation like oral supplements can. “The reason for this is due to the fact that the IV is 100 per cent absorbed, unlike a lot of iron tablets. It is the unabsorbed iron from iron tablets that actually causes this constipation, which means not only are you not getting the dose you need, but it’s actually creating another problem,” says Calfas.

How can a clinic be eligible to offer wellness infusions?

If you’re keen to investigate adding wellness infusion treatments to your clinic, Calfas has some tips on what you’ll need to have in place:

A medical doctor

“To be able to offer IV nutrition, an MD (medical doctor) who is currently registered with AHPRA needs to be on hand to prescribe the nutrients.”

Protocols to adhere to safety standards

“All IV nutrients need to be stored according to safety standards (some need to be stored in the fridge, others can be stored at room temperature but not in direct sunlight or heat, for example).”

The right treatment space

“A comfortable room where you can drip in peace is always recommended – the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more relaxed your veins are, and the faster your drip will generally go.”

Adverse reaction planning

“It is also important that the clinic has appropriate facilities in the event of an adverse reaction. Single use, sterile equipment should only ever be used – aside from items such as the tourniquet, pretty much all the equipment used in an IV is single-use and not to be reused.”

Appropriate training for staff administering wellness infusions

“Aside from MDs, an appropriately trained Registered Nurse or an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (an enrolled nurse who has undergone additional training in the administration of medications), or anyone else holding registration with AHPRA to administer scheduled medications or IV medications will be able to administer an IV nutrition.”

“It is also imperative that they have undergone additional training in IV or parental nutrition so they understand exactly what it is that they are doing, how to safely administer it (what can be mixed with other nutrients, what rate or speed the IV should be given etc.), and how to identify the early signs of an adverse reaction, and how to deal with it appropriately. Having a background in nutrition is further advantageous as it allows the practitioner the ability to really understand and utilise the nutrients in the most effective way.”

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