18 October

5 Simple Self Care Tips

Former Skinstitut MD turns to wholefoods

Just months after selling their shares in Skinstitut, Fiona Tuck and David Stanesby are back in the salon and spa market with a range of wholefood powders to support “healthy ageing”.

Hands-On Heaven

Amid your high-tech device services, products and treatment protocols to treat skin, the hands-on touch takes the patient experience to a sublime new dimension. Vanessa Megan explains

Michelle Bridges: Keep It Off!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, there are no quick fixes – it takes a sustained and measured approach, gradually replacing old habits with new ones

5 Simple Self Care Tips

More often than not self care is seen as a luxury, rather than a necessity and priority. These tips are simple to be incorporated into daily life

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Recipe: How To Make Frosé

Adeline Er predicts that Frosé, aka Frozen Rosé, will be the new kid on the block this summer (but you can start practising now)

Sisters Doing It For Each Other

How a growing collective of beauty therapists who believe in wellness for all women are creating a brighter future for vulnerable girls in Cambodia

Recipe: Sumo Breakfast Bowl

A great way to break unhealthy eating habits is to surprise your tastebuds with new flavours – and this veggie-rich delish devised by Tim Robards will do just that

A New Design For Wellbeing

Spaces that we spend time in impact us as we go about our lives. Our actions, energy and thoughts, as well as our physical wellbeing, are all profoundly influenced by our surroundings

A Case For Cannabis

Olivia Newton-John has revealed she is using medical cannabis to assist in her second battle with cancer and vows to champion its wider use in Australia

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Is Over-Treating Skin Causing Adult Acne Epid

A leading skin specialist is warning women to rethink their anti-ageing skincare regimes as they could be doing more harm than good, with instances of adult acne increasing 200 percent within 12 months

Recipe: 10-Minute Zucchini Wraps

Simple, fast and delicious, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar-free too. You will never want to purchase supermarket wraps again!

Recipe: Chicken Mexican Salad

Sufficiently spicy, and satisfyingly nutritious and delicious – a salad that will see you through the ups and downs of the week for optimum health

Always Be Prepared!

New SPA+CLINIC team member Adeline Er on keeping our bodies well nourished and on track (and thus our minds): the importance of meal prepping

Beat Digital Addiction For Good Health –

The digital age is rewiring us. It’s already changed the way we shop, work and play – but it’s also having an insidious effect on physical and emotional health, even our looks, and can as addictive as alcohol, gambling and compulsive eating

Give Back and You Will Receive

Millennials will soon run the world – and they prefer to deal with businesses and brands with pro-social messages, sustainable manufacturing methods and ethical business standards

Recipe: Cauliflower Pizza

A perfect weekend treat without the guilt – replacing the traditional carb-laden crust with cauli crumbs. Delicious!

What Brows Say About Your Health

Brow grooming is a booming business but thin, patchy or otherwise troublesome eyebrows could signal underlying health problems

O, Baby!

In a new age of sexual medicine, hot shots are giving lacklustre libidos and performance peccadilloes a powerful injection of arousal

The Power of Touch

Hands-on therapies allow you to develop a close and trusting relationship with clients. But, with the upsurge of high-tech treatments, this tends to have taken a back seat. Now “the experience” is all-important

Anti-Ageing Power of the Smile

Sitting in the dentist’s chair is not a spot people normally associate with anti-ageing treatments. Yet it is the piece of the beautification puzzle that is too often overlooked.

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