KNESKO Is “Coming Home”, Launching At Crown Spa Perth

2024 has truly been a landmark year for KNESKO Skin. With the thrilling launch of KNESKO AUSTRALIA, the acquisition of a state-of-the-art warehouse in Perth, and an exclusive partnership debut with the prestigious Crown Spa Perth, the brand’s expansion is nothing short of spectacular.

KNESKO Founder, Lejla Cas

Over the last decade, KNESKO has captivated the global beauty market, earning a place in luxury spas, top-tier make-up artist kits, and the private skincare rituals of celebrities worldwide. The brand’s premium products have become a staple in the beauty routines of icons like Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton, who have all been spotted indulging in KNESKO’s luxurious masks.

KNESKO Skin’s dedication to blending holistic healing with cutting-edge skincare technology has set it apart, providing transformational skin benefits with a spa-level experience.

Since its launch in Australia late last year, KNESKO has made waves by enhancing spa and medispa menus with high-vibrational collagen mask treatments, targeted face serums, and facial beauty tools. Now, the brand is “coming home” as KNESKO, founded by Lejla Cas, who grew up in Perth, launches at Crown Spa Perth.

KNESKO masks and serums will be available in the Crown Spa retail boutique and throughout signature Crown Spa treatments and massages, reimagining self-care and wellness travel. 

This is a full circle moment for me, a dream realised, to bring the KNESKO spa experience to my hometown. I envisioned this day, and I’m incredibly proud of our journey. Meeting Pummy, Spa Manager, felt like fate. Instantly connected, I knew this was going to be an amazing energetically aligned partnership. Proudly showcasing our full range here is a testament to how far we’ve come.

Lejla Cas

Celebrity esthetician Lejla Cas sets herself apart by combining science-forward and spa-vetted skincare with the healing power of intentional self care. As a Reiki Master and a skin expert with over two decades of experience, she brings her passion for clean, clinical, conscious skincare to change the face of luxury beauty. After her childhood in Europe, Lejla began her exciting career in the beauty industry in Perth, Australia where she worked with leading brands in roles ranging from global education to marketing and product development. In 2007, she moved to the US where she also began offering skincare and makeup services to private clients.

Lejla with Crown Spa Perth Manager, Pummy Sherpa

After working with thousands of faces around the globe, Lejla realised that each client sought more intentional time for themselves, and a skincare regimen that was effective, luxurious, and healing. Inspired by this common thread, Lejla founded KNESKO with her husband, Sean, in 2012. From conception to completion, every KNESKO product is overseen by Lejla alongside a team of board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic chemists. 

Throughout the development process, Lejla leans on her intuition, real-world hands-on-skin experience, and expertise as a veteran product formulator to create results-driven, premium skincare products.

Lejla is passionate about charging all KNESKO products with healing Reiki energy on a weekly basis with the intention of love and deep relaxation to her clients. This is one of Lejla’s many ways of giving back to the community to encourage self-compassion and self care among all who use KNESKO.

Lejla has been very selective and thoughtful about the partnerships developed with spas, which has led KNESKO to be featured in some of the most luxurious spas in the USA, Asia, Mexico and Middle East, such as The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carltons, W Hotels and The Bellagio and Aria in Las Vegas etc.

Now, launching spas in Australia, KNESKO is proud to call Crown Perth as their newest partner and flagship location in Perth carrying their full range. We spoke to Crown Spa Perth Spa Manager, Pummy Sherpa, to learn more about the partnership.

At the Spa at Crown Perth, what are your menu offerings and what is the ethos of the spa?

Crown Spa provides a resort style escape close to the city, where guests can retreat and step into an environment of deep relaxation. We focus on encouraging guests to take time out for themselves. Our Aqua Retreat facilities are one of a kind in Perth. Every guest is invited 60 minutes prior to enjoy the areas as a pre-treatment experience. This is an integral part of the Crown Spa experience as we truly want to implement the essence of SPA – which means Solus per Aqua, or, healing by Water. Our therapists provide utmost care and attention through genuine interest, personalised and gracious service. Our treatments range from face and body services to wellbeing journeys. 

How does KNESKO complement these offerings and the philosophy of Crown Perth?

At Crown, we strive to provide our guests with elevated joyful experiences. With KNESKO, we have the opportunity to enhance their massage or select services to incorporate an additional treatment. This provides our guests an elevated and a more concentrated service within the same time frame.

What was it that made you decide to bring KNESKO on board?

The idea of Reiki charged crystals within a mask that targets skin concerns with GEMCLINICAL technology is fascinating. Furthermore, the link to Chakra Balance work with affirmations and setting intentions resonated as we are continuously asking guests to make time for themselves and bring mindfulness into their daily self care routine. All of this, together with an amazing team who are supportive and passionate ticked the box for us.

How will you offer KNESKO, i.e. as treatment add-ons? Stand-alone treatments? In room?

We are excited to add the KNESKO Diamond Radiance collection to one of our packages as part of a treatment experience as the affirmation relates to the Crown Chakra. We will also have select KNESKO collections as enhancements for our massage offerings. The full KNESKO range will be sold in Retail at Crown spa, and their hero Gold Eye Mask will be added as a mini bar item to Crown Towers.

How will KNESKO elevate Crown Spa’s offering?

Crown Spa is recognised as one of the best premium spa experiences available, meaning appointments book out well in advance. In the event guests are unable to obtain an appointment during their stay, KNESKO allows an opportunity for guests to have a mini treatment in the hotel room or to extend their spa experience with their at home ritual. KNESKO will also hopefully, allow our massage driven guests to begin to look after their skin on a deeper level.

What gets you excited about the future of this partnership?

We are excited for our teams to be exposed to this concept of mindful spirituality, whilst incorporating results driven technology-based products in treatments. However, the most exciting part is that we have the opportunity to elevate and enhance our massage and take home experiences for our guests. 

KNESKO is a gem-infused, high-vibrational skincare brand founded by celebrity esthetician Lejla Cas. Each product is developed under Lejla’s creative direction alongside a team of board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic chemists. The brand’s premium formulas have earned a place in luxury spas, celebrity make-up artist kits, and the private skincare rituals for celebrities worldwide.  

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