Discover Asterasys: Next Generation HIFU + Fractional RF arrives at The Global Beauty Group

Expanding upon their portfolio of industry-leading devices, The Global Beauty Group are excited to present the latest state-of-the-art technology in non-surgical medical-grade treatments from esteemed Korean medi-aesthetic pioneers, Asterasys. 

Accompanied by their ABIA Educator of the Year award-winning training and support and available exclusively through The Global Beauty Group, Liftera and Futera boast state-of-the-art technology and distinctive attributes tailored for exceptional HIFU Non-Surgical Lifting and Fractional RF Skin Resurfacing, enabling clinics to cater to some of the industry’s most lucrative, sought-after, and results-oriented services. 

With over 10 years of industry experience and a philosophy of “promising to improve quality of life in healthand beauty through technological innovation”, Asterasy’s mantra closely mirrors The Global Beauty Group’s own mission “to make people feel wonderful” and are therefore thrilled to align with such a forward-thinking company.

As leaders in the field of smart healthcare solutions and with in-house development and manufacturing backed by their own technology research institute, the calibre of technology they supply is cutting-edge. We are thrilled to partner with Asterasys and offer our client’s such innovative, scientifically backed medi-technology.”

Liftera – The Future Of HIFU

Liftera is a medical-grade (ARTG #393230) non-surgical lifting and contouring HIFU device that offers advanced, next generation HIFU treatments to effectively lift, tighten, smooth and sculpt both the face and neck.

Thanks to its extensively researched and proprietory Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT™) Technology, Liftera focuses high frequency ultrasound pulses into target areas of the face and neck, inducing thermal coagulation for a powerful tightening effect. With exceptional precision and efficiency, the Liftera concentrates just the right amount of thermal energy into the skin for unrivalled face lifting and skin tightening outcomes.

Utilising the Pen-type applicator, Liftera delivers enhanced results, whilst ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient. In as little as 30-minutes per session and boasting improvements visible from the first treatment, Liftera offers the ideal fusion of comfort, versatility and exceptional outcomes valued by clinics and clients alike.

Precision, Power, And Performance: Next-generation HIFU technology plus 4 application options combine for painless, quick, and effective HIFU treatments for the face, neck, jaw, and chin. 
Thermal Diffusion Treatment™ (TDT): Unique to Asterasys, TDT™ technology directs heat energy into the skin more effectively than traditional HIFU for enhanced treatment outcomes and patient comfort. 
10Hz Continuous Irradiation Technology: Enables rapid and precise 30-minute treatments, setting Liftera apart from other HIFU devices.
Revolutionary Pen Applicator: Optimised for intricate areas, the pen applicator extends its HIFU capabilities to hard-to-treat zones including areas such as the orbital ridge, tear trough and perinasal region. This allows for operator ease when treating the diverse contours and curves of each patient’s face during procedures, all with minimal contact to the skins surface. 
All New Line Cartridge: The bidirectional and continuous dot-type shot profile of Liftera’s new line cartridge allows for consistent and even thermal coagulation points, ensuring the best possible outcomes whilst also shortening treatment sessions by half. 
Comfortable, fast & effective: Thanks to quick and safe sessions and shorter treatment durations, patients undergoing treatments encounter reduced discomfort when compared with more conventional mechanisms and following a customised procedure, will experience minimal downtime, seamlessly resuming to daily activities.
Ergonomic design & smart user interface: Fast treatment times made possible thanks to a built in selection of parameters within the GUI for a wide range of skin profiles and concerns. 

Futera – Next generation Radio Frequency

Futera is a minimally ablative fractional RF machine that stands at the forefront of TGA listed, medical-grade (ARTG# 393610) skin rejuvenation and resurfacing technology by harnessing Ultra Fractional Multipolarity Radio-frequency (UFMR).

Futera delivers radiofrequency energy into target regions to stimulate the production of subdermal collagen and elastin for the effective reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. Utilising fractional multi-polar radio frequency to penetrate the skin and delivering the RF energy via small (fractional) precise columns or dots, allows for more energy beneath the surface of the skin, maximising collagen production and tissue remodelling whilst keeping the topmost layer of skin intact. 

This innovative approach, coupled with cutting-edge fractional RF technology, delivers unparalleled results for clinics, surpassing more traditional resurfacing treatments in comfort, efficiency and effectiveness.

Post treatment, there is typically an increase in beneficial collagen levels as the skin generates new, healthy cells. For patients, this results in a reduction of mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations, accompanied by a noticeable improvement in skin texture, which becomes smoother and more elastic.

A Versatile, Non-Surgical and Medical-Grade Solution: 
Ideal for addressing common skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin firmness, elasticity, texture, tone, collagen production, pore size, luminosity, and superficial scarring.

Ultra Fractional Multipolarity Radio-frequency: Futera utilises UFMR technology to bridge non-invasive and invasive treatment approaches and thanks to its fractional method of evenly spaced energy transmission, delivers impressive, cutting-edge, long-lasting results. 

Minimally Ablative, Maximally Effective: The minimal ablative fractional 64-pin handpiece comes with replacable tips and allows for treatment of both the epidermal and dermal layers simultaneously with customisable depths, allowing clinicians to treat a wide range skin types and patient needs without significant epidermal damage, downtime or risk.

Efficient and user-friendly: Features ‘Repeat Shot Mode’ and an optimised, intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing practitioners to select the appropriate parameters for a wide range of skin types and applications, for operator ease and ensuring streamlined treatments and quick procedure times.

Safe, Fast, Effective: Due to shorter treatment durations, patients undergoing treatments experience less discomfort, no side effects and minimal downtime.

With both technologies available exclusively at The Global Beauty Group, Liftera and Futera come backed with The Global Beauty Group’s ABIA ‘Educator of the Year’ award-winning training and education including both online and face-to-face programs, plus ABIA ‘National Wholesaler of the Year’ winning service and support including rapid response technical and clinical support, available 7 days a week along with comprehensive marketing resources, flexible financing, expert business development advice and world-class personalised customer service.

Ready for your business to offer some of the highest-revenue, most in-demand and results-driven services?

To learn more about how Liftera and Futera technologies by Asterasys can help you achieve your business goals contact beauty wholesalers The Global Beauty Group on 03 8555 2246 to learn more or to book your treatment demo.

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