Fresh Clinics Hits Major Milestones, Transforming the Aesthetics Industry

Fresh Clinics has achieved remarkable milestones in just two short months, aimed squarely at advancing the professional lives of cosmetic nurses and doctors. The company continues to break new ground with its innovative features, incredible benefits, and exclusive access to progressive products.

Members of Fresh Clinics were credited with obtaining unique, early access to a product before it hit the Australian market, thanks to their exclusive supplier partnerships. This initiative amplifies the strength of Fresh Clinics’ proposition in enhancing its members’ growth trajectory, placing them well ahead of the curve in the industry, and adding significant value to their business. 

Fresh Clinics has also launched several exciting updates to its service offerings, including a comprehensive business Insights Dashboard, a Resource Hub for essential information, and a seamless Inventory Management tool. Additionally, the company offers complete regulatory support and advice that trigger timely alerts for any risk of non-compliance, allowing Nurses and Doctors to operate safely.

In line with its commitment to community-building, Fresh Clinics has facilitated engaging training opportunities and premium events in partnership with industry-leading suppliers. Alongside this, their newly introduced ‘Refer a Friend’ program has triggered a wave of enthusiasm within the community, with over $9,000 in rewards awarded to date, and the announcement of the bi-annual prize valued up to $10,000.

Our mission is to advance the professional lives of cosmetic nurses and doctors. In just two months, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones with innovative features and exclusive access to progressive products for our Members.

Fresh Clinics Founders, Dr John Delaney, and Dr John Holbrook

Fresh Clinics is proving its significant value as a proactive leader in aesthetics. Recognising the demands of a progressive industry, the company consistently evolves its suite of features, underlining its mission to accelerate growth for cosmetic nurses, doctors, and clinic owners.

If you are a cosmetic nurse, clinic owner, or doctor looking for a solution that empowers growth while simplifying business operations with advanced technology, visit the Fresh Clinics website and explore the possibilities at 

Fresh Clinics is more than a service; it’s a testament to what happens when passion meets knowledge, and the mission is clear – supporting cosmetic clinics to start, grow, and thrive. Fresh Clinics empowers cosmetic nurses, doctors, and clinic owners to change their lives by providing guidance, support, and the tools needed to succeed.