Hollywood Spectra the World’s Best just got Better!

Hollywood Spectra™ with its improved IntelliBeam™ profile and stable beam delivery, this has allowed for increase in clinical efficacy by more than 20% – allowing for no downtime and less discomfort.

With the incorporation of HyperSurge™ Resonator; high intensity 5ns pulses creates tissue vibration that stimulates collagen synthesis – delivering high peak acoustic pressure that exceeds picosecond lasers and dual pulse modes that allow for you to offer the versatility of treatments.

With this dual wavelength 1064/532nm multi-depth Fractional Handpiece™ platform creates LIOB’s at 3 different adjustable focal points to treat all skin types and aesthetic concerns – treating a wide range of indications from laser toning, melasma to tattoo removal.

Expand your Clinics Aesthetic offerings with the added adjunctive applications of Lutronic’s Healite II, the World’s leading LED Phototherapy platform. Discover the true science of LED Phototherapy, incorporating 830nm/590nm, 633nm and 415nm. There is no downtime and adds to your patient’s overall skin rejuvenation, accelerated wound healing, and improved clinical outcomes.

“Showcasing high peak power comparable to other picosecond technology, with its proven aesthetic performance and versatility – this will be a clinic gamechanger through its ease of use for the practitioner.”

“Incorporating in conjunction with Luronic’s Healite™ III platform is an added bonus to any clinic, whether used as a standalone treatment offering or used in addition to other device treatments, from Hollywood Laser Peel to sun damage with the Hollywood Spectra™ platform – adding more treatment offerings for greater patient outcomes and greater ROI,” says Catherine Biedermann, Managing Director, Advanced Cosmeceuticals.

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