Happy Staff, Happy Life

Most business owners have experienced the post-pandemic ‘Great Resignation’ to some degree. How can you turn it around and create a fun, inclusive culture that employees are begging to be a part of? We spoke with Timely, a globally loved Business Management Software for the beauty and hair industry. They’ve shared five tips to get you started…

1. Set The Right Tone

Creating a happy, healthy working environment will help you retain existing employees, and attract new ones. “A good work environment consists of like-minded professionals who share a common goal. We employ passionate, educated and experienced therapists who respect, care and work collaboratively with one another,” says salon owner and Timely customer, James Vivian. Consider what kind of culture you want to create. If work-life balance is important, check the roster and make sure everyone’s getting plenty of time off.

2. Share Your Vision

Laying out where you see the company heading in the next year will make your staff feel valued and part of the journey. Put time in with staff individually to set out clear career pathways for them that feed into the bigger company goal. Timely’s tiered pricing feature allows you to assign staff different tiers depending on their level of skill and seniority. Together you can pinpoint areas where they need extra support from you, so they can reach the next tier.

3. Motivate & Reward

With Timely’s Innovate plan you can also set sales or service based targets for your employees. We recommend giving  staff access to the feature, so they can track their own success and enjoy a sense of ownership. If someone’s struggling to hit their targets or fill their books, you can also set them up with a carefully considered promo code to get them more clients.

4. Ask For Feedback

Feedback is a gift; it can help your team provide next-level service and ensure clients always come back. Timely allows you to send clients follow-up messages where they can share honest feedback on the service they received. Sit down and go through this with your staff to see what’s working and discuss any areas that might need improvement. Make sure communication goes both ways. Your staff might have some suggestions that could be game-changing for your company and implementing them will boost morale.

5. Honesty Is The Best Policy

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that situations out of our control can rapidly change the playing field. If you keep communication open and clear, your staff will be more understanding about why you’ve made certain decisions and will be more likely to get onboard with them.

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