Glamezy: The Trailblazing New App For On-Demand Beauty And Wellness Bookings

Convert last-minute client cancellations to revenue-driving new booking requests.

Being unable to fill appointments at short notice is a huge issue for beauty and wellness service providers. When clients cancel at the last minute, many businesses are left bearing the cost of lost booking fees, staffing, and other overheads.

Enter: Glamezy. This innovative new platform allows businesses to get the word out about available appointment spots in real-time. On the flip side, clients benefit by having a go-to place to track down available treatment timeslots when they’re needing something at the 11th hour.

Everyone wins.

Curious about how Glamezy works? SPA+CLINC caught up with Glamezy CEO and Co-Founder, Uchiraka Yatawara to get all the details on his groundbreaking booking app.

The story behind Glamezy

As any beauty or wellness business owner knows all too well, the cost of last-minute cancellations and unfilled appointments can really add up. Glamezy solves this dilemma by connecting businesses directly with clients looking to book appointments ASAP.

“Glamezy was born with the intent of leveraging a centralised platform to be a true revenue accelerator allowing small and medium businesses to be discoverable and be able to acquire more customer bookings,” says Yatawara.

How Glamezy works and the benefits it offers businesses

Glamezy partners can access features including their calendars, bookings, and client lists via the online dashboard. Besides providing a seamless solution for managing appointments, Glamezy can also be used to track cash flow, run marketing campaigns, and manage staff information.

Pretty stylish, right?

On the client-facing side of things, a streamlined app keeps everything organised making it easy for customers to track and pay for their appointments.

“Our objective is to make salons discoverable by new customers and provide salons with a calendar full of appointments, so staff idle time will also be minimised,” says Yatawara.

“Glamezy is a journey. Partner with us, get onboard and access all features Glamezy has to offer to create a better beauty and wellness business for your customers. Be known to customers in untapped markets while being an active promoter of self-care,” she continues.

The types of services you can offer via Glamezy

Wondering whether your biz is suitable to get hooked up with Glamezy? Glamezy invites all kinds of beauty and wellness businesses to get involved including those who offer:

  • Facials and skin care treatments
  • Massages
  • Waxing and other forms of hair removal
  • Other beauty services like hair, nails, lashes and tanning
  • Fitness classes such as Pilates, aerobics and Yoga

Glamezy is already in action across Sydney, with further rollouts to follow across Australia and New Zealand. Plans to onboard independent contractors are also in place for the future.

“We know how hard the lockdowns have been for our beauty and wellness businesses with a physical location, so we prioritised driving more appointments to help in recovering faster. Our product map also has plans to extend Glamezy’s sophisticated booking system to freelancers in October 2022,” explains Yatawara.

How you can become a Glamezy partner

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, according to Yatawara – just head to to begin the sign-up process.

“Once signed up, you can set up your business, and add your services and staff to start managing your business on Glamezy straight away. There’s no monthly subscription. Glamezy offers a free 30-day trial for all partners who sign up until 30 June 2022,” says Yatawara.

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