Flow Athletic Launches Flow Revive

Flow Athletic, well-known luxe fitness destination in the heart of Sydney’s Paddington, has just launched a new sister venture to complement their range of workout, PT and yoga offerings.

Flow Revive, just as luxurious as its counterpart, is a float therapy and infrared sauna studio where guests can recover and unwind both mind and body, particularly after a solid workout a few doors down.

Flooded with light and lush greenery, the waiting room at Flow Revive is the perfect environment for facilitating a sense of stillness and calm, filled with earthy notes of clove and cinnamon. Downstairs houses a selection of Sunlighten infrared saunas; visitors are concealed with curtains in their own private booth, where soothing dry heat relieves muscles, calms inflammation and improves circulation, to name a few of many benefits.

Private rooms containing the float tanks are fully equipped with showers, Aveda spa products, fluffy towels, robes and ear plugs. Guests are requested to shower both before and after their 75 minute session, and soothing spa music will signal both the beginning and end of each float.

By allowing the user to float effortlessly on skin-temperature water containing 40% epsom salt, and the lid slid closed to block out external light, floatation therapy is designed to prevent external stimulation and create a truly relaxed, almost meditative state. The experience is found to aid in the improvement of not just muscle pain, but tissue repair, tendonitis, depression, arthritis and inflammation.

Flow Revive also offers Normatec; compressed air massage for the legs or hips that help athletes recover faster after training and events. The system mimics the natural motions of the arms and legs to enhance blood flow and remove metabolites and fluids from the limbs after intense activity.

This move further demonstrates the shift of the wellness industry towards a more wholesome ‘full package’ approach to a healthy lifestyle, merging beauty and wellness with fitness and mental health.

“Revive came about because I was using Floatation therapy and Infrared sauna myself for recovery from marathon training and to de stress from work,” says Benjamin Lucas, Owner and Director. “It compliments Flow Athletic because it helps our members recover from their training and helps increase their physical and mental well being”.

Lucas established Flow Athletic in 2013. Whilst training for an ultra marathon a few years prior, he met one of Australia’s top Yoga instructors Kate Kendall, and began training with her. They formed a mutually beneficial training relationship; Lucas finding the yoga enhanced his fitness and Kendall’s yoga was improved with additional strength and fitness regimes. There, their vision for Flow Athletic was born. There are plans to launch another 5 studios over the next 3 years.