Jennifer Brodeur Talks Wellness and Oprah

The term ‘celebrity facialist’ gets thrown around quite a bit nowadays – sometimes unjustified – but in Jennifer Brudeur’s case, it’s quite accurate.

Hailed as a skin guru to the stars, she is the founder of JB Skin Guru, a holistic line of organic skincare and services made with the purest intent: to make her clients’ skin glow from within. Her clients include Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who appreciate Brodeur’s unparalleled experience and deep knowledge about skin.

We talked to Brodeur at the international dermaviduals symposium where she was a guest speaker on ‘LED and entrepreneurship’ and picked her brain on all things skin, wellness, and the at-home LED trend.

You’re described as a ‘Wellness Warrior’, what does that mean to you?

Beauty begins from within. It goes much deeper than the fine lines and wrinkles. Ageing is a privilege denied to so many women. I want women to feel their inner strength, make the body and mind connection. Once that connection is made the skin glows naturally.

What do you wish everyone understood about healthy skin?

The skin being the largest organ needs time to heal itself, often we do too much. The skin wasn’t designed or created to absorb everything we are throwing at it. Often when skin starts to show signs or redness, or breakouts its simply trying to tell you something.

What was your career highlight and why?

I have had so many, I honestly try to embrace each one, from being invited to the White House to working with Oncology Patients. That being said, it would have to be when I saw Oprah’s Favorite Things list 2016 and my skincare, PEONI, being chosen. Her words about my facials which include my LED system, Max+, and my products, were my Oscar.

LED light therapy is ‘having a moment’, what do you think about the cheap at-home light masks people can buy at the chemist?

We launched Max+ in 2003, so when I see ‘this moment’ it makes me happy as we were so ahead of the times… by 15 years! I see this as the perfect opportunity to educate even more. I want everyone to make educated choices for what’s best for them, its not one size fits all. Not all LEDS are created equally, though. We will start seeing more and more Dermatologists warning clients of this.

You treat a lot of celebrities. Is there something all of them do to achieve flawless skin?

Beyond honored with my client list, as they are all achieving their best ‘selves’ naturally. This is possible with the right nutrition, sleep, and of course proper home care. We switch up the skincare regimen every 4-6 weeks, and of course we use Max+, always.

What does your personal skincare routine look like?

My routine is so simple, it’s almost boring. I cleanse in the evening, followed with my Essence, Oil & Cream. After long flights or even if I have worn heavy makeup I will use my Smart Brush by Clarisonic to double cleanse, followed by the massage head with my face oil. It works wonders.

In the morning I simply do blend of face oil and cream. When in the office I pop under Max whenever possible.

What advice would you give people trying to build their own business in the wellness industry?

Vital to never stop learning. Education is key, whether it be for marketing, accounting or skincare. Overtime if you feel you lack certain skills, surround yourself with the right experts. Part of being successful is knowing when to ask for help!

Above all, avoid fads, and continuous discounts.