Wellness & Injectables: Contradiction Or Complement?

While medical aesthetics and wellness can often seem worlds apart, they may in fact be two sides of the same coin, and there are plenty of practitioners that believe they can be used synergistically to complement each other rather than contradict one another. The proof of this is of course the existence (and increasingly rapid growth) of the medi spa concept; where spa rituals, wellness and relaxation, even meditation and nutrition, work alongside cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery to elevate patient results.

One practitioner that puts these methods into practice is Madilyn Wolens, otherwise known as The Functional Nurse. Madilyn, a Registered Nurse, operates a clinic in Camphill QLD (which celebrated its official launch in September this year) where she combines her westernised methods of treating patients (including cosmetic injectables and skincare from MAAEMO and Biologi) with a focus on more holistic solutions like hormones, gut health, nutrition and natural remedies – for a more comprehensive solution to her patient’s skin concerns.

We chatted to Madilyn on her East-meets-West approach.

Tell us about your background and your ethos
I started with an interest in dermatology due to my many visits as a child to control my eczema. I found I was continually treated for the topical symptom with very little investigation into the root cause. I had the same experience with my acne in my late teens. Harsh medication was prescribed with little education of the effects, or answers as to why my skin was so inflamed. This inspired me to study cosmetics and obtain my Registered Nursing degree. I now assist patients in finding their root cause of their skin concerns so they can not only look good, but feel amazing also.

What are your thoughts on the relationship between wellness and medicine (ie. injectables)? Do you believe they complement each other rather than contradict one another?
There is stigma around Cosmetic Injectables, but at the end of the day ‘anti-wrinkle’ and ‘dermal filler’ are drugs. No drugs are ‘healthy’ for the body but can be used in strict regulated doses to ensure no long-term harm to our bodies.  I encourage my patients to live healthy lives filled with nutritious foods, movement and mindfulness. Everything in moderation, because let’s face it, no amount of healthy living will relax a muscle (think frown or forehead lines) that has been contracting for 30+ years!

How do you find eastern solutions fitting with western methods?
As a Registered Nurse, a large part of my job is to administer scheduled drugs. I do so in a hospital setting with acute circumstances and understand how western medicine can save and greatly improve the longevity of a patient’s life. However, I see pharmaceuticals so often over prescribed in the cosmetic world. An example would be the use of antibiotics and the Oral Contraceptive pill to ‘fix’ acne. This might provide short term relief for the patient, however, I prefer to delve into the root cause – potentially being, dysbiosis in the gut, poor liver function, hormone imbalances, etc. and treat with more holistic solutions. This ensures long term health of the patient and avoids a ‘band-aid approach’.

Do you believe more medical practitioners should incorporate holistic/wellness-based methods into their practices?
100%. If they want happy, healthy returning patients, then yes. Stop applying a band-aid and start investigating further. Patient referrals to Naturopaths/Chinese Medical practitioners are a great place to start if you are unsure how to further assist your patients/clientele.

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