Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Injectable Made From Salmon Sperm

The latest groundbreaking injectable in bio-skin healing.

There’s a new injectable in town that everyone seems to be talking about, not least because of its rather interesting source, salmon sperm. Notably different from hyaluronic acid skin boosters, REJURAN comprises bio-active DNA molecules that actively promote skin regeneration, aiding in the repair of damaged skin while concurrently mitigating unwanted inflammation, whilst also addressing depressed acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and photo damage.

At its core, REJURAN® is composed of 100% Polynucleotides (PN), representing a purer and more concentrated form of Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). This naturally occurring substance in the body is harnessed from wild salmon, ensuring a compatibility that avoids adverse effects.

The high-molecular-weight chained PNs play a pivotal role in enhancing the metabolic activity of fibroblasts, the primary cells orchestrating the renewal of dermal components.

This compatibility makes REJURAN® a TGA-approved and CE-certified injectable, garnering approval in over 30 countries.

The slow-degrading DNA fragments derived from wild salmon in REJURAN PN create long-lasting benefits, proving to be a more concentrated and potent form of PDRN. The injections are designed to induce cellular remodelling, stimulating collagen production and slowing down the ageing process. The transformative effects extend to treating lines, wrinkles, pores, textural changes, and the reduction of acne scars.

The safety and efficacy of REJURAN® injections make it a compelling choice for dermal rejuvenation. When considering combinations with other dermal fillers or injectables, caution is advised.

Although immune-related reactions are rare, optimal results are achieved when targeting different skin layers or scheduling Rejuran treatment weeks before other injectable procedures. For those with a history of facial injectables, REJURAN® is recommended only after 3-6 months from the previous treatment.

In terms of combination therapy, REJURAN® can be paired with non-cross-linked skin boosters for enhanced hydration and skin plumping. A judicious approach is recommended, either combining the treatments in a single session or scheduling them at different intervals, guided by a medical professional.

Distinguishing itself from conventional fillers and laser treatments, REJURAN® stands out by activating the skin’s regenerative ability. This three-step treatment process, with intervals of 2-3 weeks between sessions, followed by maintenance sessions every 6-12 months, fosters a robust collagen structure and increased skin elasticity.

REJURAN® emerges as a revolutionary bio-skin healer, setting new benchmarks in dermal rejuvenation. Its compatibility, safety profile, and transformative effects position it as a powerful option for those seeking not just cosmetic enhancement but a holistic approach to skin health.

We have seen a lot of Australian injectors interested in this new type of injectable, showing that demand for skin-quality enhancing treatments, rather than just volumising, is still rising.

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