What Makes iSCLINICAL’s Brand New Retinol Different?

For an elevated retinol experience – regardless of the skin sensitivity.

Last week, luxury cosmeceutical skincare brand iS CLINICAL introduced Retinol+ Emulsion, a highly active, fast-acting formula which combines an extraordinary new form of Retinol with a proprietary blend of Bakuchiol, powerful botanical boosters, antioxidants and iS Clinical’s own Extremeozymes® at a lavish launch event in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Formulated and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, iS CLINICAL is dedicated to producing highly effective, clinically validated skincare products that deliver dramatic visible improvements to the skin.  Created by a world-class team of experts whose extensive knowledge of dermatological biochemistry, this luxurious skincare line is praised equally by the medical fraternity as it is by the red-carpet set.

So what’s different about this product? First of all, the product comes in two strengths, 0.3 and 1.0. Retinol reimagined, the Retinol+ Emulsions are designed to boost the inherent anti-ageing capabilities of traditional retinol, with a host of carefully curated ingredients that work together to reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, even skin tone and texture and promote a smooth, radiant complexion.

Importantly, iS Clinical’s Retinol+ Emulsions are designed to be well tolerated by the skin, minimising or all together avoiding the usual peeling and skin irritation often experienced with retinol use.

To achieve this, iS Clinical introduces a clinically advanced technology featuring a Retinol of botanical origin, encapsulated with bio-identical lipids, providing precise delivery to the skin, while also improving its resilience.

The formula breakdown

Formulated with some of the purest, most powerful active botanical ingredients available, other featured ingredients in iS Clinical’s Retinol+ Emulsion formulas include:

  • Bakuchiol: an ingredient from the Psoralea Corylifolioa (babchi) plant that is even more powerful when combined with Retinol, as it shares its benefits, but with higher skin tolerability. 
  • Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E: creating a uniquely formulated antioxidant combination that functions as a natural preservative system, while increasing the potency of Retinol activity by 32%.
  • Extremozyme® technology; a proprietary combination of extremophilic enzymes that combat dehydration, radiation, heat, cold, and free radical damage, ultimately working to revitalise the foundation of healthy skin.
  • Ectoin: an Extremozyme® pioneered by iS Clinical, that is found in several plants thriving in high-salt environments, including the Dead Sea, salty deserts, and marine environments.
  • Shea Butter: a skin emollient from the nut of the Karite tree in West Africa. Contains fatty acids which lessen irritation and soothe skin.
  • Vitamin C: in a stabilised, bio-available form, which offers antioxidant activity against environmental stresses, brightening, and providing protection from photoaging.
  • Colloidal Gold: a gold complexed into colloidal form that is biologically usable by the body, and which participates in collagen synthesis.
  • Tripeptide-1 (Copper Tripeptide-1): a safe and effective bio-identical ingredient known to support healing, regeneration, and further collagen synthesis.
  • Poria Cocos Extract: a mushroom that has been used as an age-defying ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of aging skin, and to boost collagen synthesis.

Both the Retinol+ Emulsion 0.3 and 1.0 versions are supported by several independent clinical studies, which demonstrate that both formulas are clinically proven to encourage the skin’s youthfulness, radiance, smoothness, and more. As with all iSCLINICAL products, the Retinol is non-systemic and therefore deemed safe during pregnancy, although it is always recommended to talk to you healthcare professional about this.

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