Dig Deeper To Heal Clients

Stress is the most insidious 21st century epidemic, with wide-ranging metabolic effects on the immune and nervous systems that may result in significant metabolic derangements underlying cognitive, immune and neurologic disorders.

Whether you are a wellness or aesthetics practitioner, you will have clients presenting with health and skin conditions that actually may not be the real reason they are seeing you – even if they don’t know it.

Stress and its many manifestations are insidious, so education is key to spotting them.

Dr Andrew Heyman will be keynote speaker at the A5M (AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing) workshop to be held in Brisbane, March 11-12: Treatment and Prevention of Inflammation: A Practical and Interactive Guide.

This two-day workshop has particular emphasis on the role the immune system plays in a variety of chronic illnesses.

It will explore the relationship between cortisol (a steroid hormone which regulates a wide range of processes throughout the body including metabolism and the immune response), the central, peripheral nervous and immune systems.

The workshop will help participants understand the deeper, evidence-based aspects of the impact stress can have on chronic infections, neurodegenerative disorders, and auto-immune conditions – and, thereby, skin conditions.

It will facilitate in-depth case analysis of the relationship between stress, coping skills, and emotional competency on neuro-immune challenges, and attendees will work in groups to develop a comprehensive wellness plan.

You may submit your own cases for discussion.

Andrew Heyman is the Program Director of Integrative Medicine at George Washington University, Wahsinton DC. He is responsible for training the next generation of integrative medicine practitioners, based on his many years of academic and clinical work in the field.