Adding An Injector To Your Team

With such an overwhelming demand for injectables, many spas and salons not currently offering these services are certainly feeling the pressure. But for those considering adding injectables to their list of services, it can be daunting and confusing to even know where to begin the search for the right injector.

So how does one go about adding a cosmetic injector to their team, and ensuring they find the right fit? We chatted to Michelle Phipps, owner and skin therapist at Mt Pleasant Beauty, who recently took the plunge and introduced a cosmetic nurse to her business. Michelle tells us the journey required a lot of research, but it resulted in her finding a natural and flawless addition to her team.

How did you go about sourcing a nurse practitioner?
I had been searching for a Cosmetic Nurse for a while to expand our current service offering in the salon after clients had begun regularly asking for recommendations on where to go. I had been following various professionals on social media which then turned into a search for a potential candidate, reviewing their client’s before and after pictures and the information under their posts. With a vast range of clientele we service at Mt Pleasant Beauty, I was looking for an injector that was both professional and personable and we believe we found the perfect partner.

What were your key criteria to ensure they were a good fit?
A combination of knowledge and personality. Having someone with a wealth of knowledge in her field was extremely important for my salon and my clients but, equally important was having someone who could build strong relationships and add value to the greater business. Skin is a passion of mine and working together with a Cosmetic Nurse with the same values has given us the ability to further add to the knowledge our client base can tap into.

Was this process difficult?
It has been a learning experience! Meeting Georgie and getting to know her passion for what she offers shone through, and she lit up every time she spoke about her work. To me that was an easy decision, someone with a genuine passion for their work was actually what I was chasing and I knew from that meeting Georgie was the right fit for my salon.

Tell us about your menu expansion?
It was never about adding anything to our menu. I saw an opportunity to better service our clientele through bringing a Cosmetic Nurse in house. Everything we do at Mt Pleasant Beauty is about adding value and knowledge to our clients, and giving them the ability to simplify their overall skin journey through the one location just made sense.

Tell us about Georgie’s consultation process
Georgie has an (existing) agreement with doctors that provide scripts for injectable treatments for her patients. A full assessment is essential. All patients are assessed on an individual basis ensuring their wants and needs are taken into account. A detailed medical history is taken to maintain their safety and to decide whether certain treatments are suitable for them. Patients are fully consented prior to every procedure.

Every patient receives a full facial assessment to determine what their areas of concern are, but also to consider what could be done to achieve their desired outcome to maintain beauty, balance and facial harmony at all times.

What has the feedback been like? From clients and your team?
Georgie has joined the Mt Pleasant Beauty team like she’s been part of it for years. The experience and information that she gives to the clients whether it’s a consultation or a procedure is second to none. Our clients feel very relaxed – ‘natural’ is her middle name and she will always be honest with you and say when enough is enough. We look forward to seeing our clients’ skin journeys evolve by adding an exceptional Cosmetic Nurse. We are a salon built on helping people achieve healthy and glowing skin and we believe everyone can achieve this with the right beauty partner.


As always, research is key, and the right cultural fit can prove to be more crucial than anything when expanding your team – whatever new services may come with this. If you’ve recently added a Cosmetic Nurse to your team, or are looking to do so, we’d love to hear your stories! Let us know in the comments below.

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