Australian Skin Clinics Founder, Deb Farnworth-Wood, Acquires Issada

Deb Farnworth-Wood takes home-grown cosmetics brand Issada to the next level and expansion is the name of the game.

Australian entrepreneur Deb Farnworth-Wood has added another beauty business under her belt. Known for her successful medi-aesthetics franchise Australian Skin Clinics, Farnworth-Wood is branching into makeup after acquiring Brisbane-based cosmetics brand Issada. Her vision is to expand its footprint and introduced sustainable and effective products into the range.

“I’m not known for doing things in small steps, so we have an ambitious plan to expand our network of stockists, not only in Australia but overseas too,” explains Farnworth-Wood, who is already in talks with interested parties in the UK and UE.

Farnworth-Wood bought Issada off long-time friend Fiona Neale who procured the company in 2006. It wasn’t an “impulse decision” unlike her other business ventures, referring to the time she bought Australian Skin Clinics while on holiday from the UK. This decision was made slowly and with care, as it can be a slippery slope when besties turn into business partners. However, she knows it is the right move for the business.

Deb Farnworth-Wood

“When she [Neale] decided to sell, it was a natural step for her to offer it to me first – she knew I absolutely loved the products and had been wearing them for years. Importantly, she also knew that I would take the business to the next level for her,” Farnworth-Wood said.

Neale grew Issada from a line of makeup brushes to a comprehensive range of cosmetics made from skin-loving ingredients. She will remain on board as General Manager due to her unmatched experience and understanding of the brand’s ethics.

“It’s so important to me that we retain Issada’s core ethics and high standards as we grow,” Farnworth-Wood said.

Issada is positioned for rapid growth. Farnworth-Wood plans to leverage her entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of the aesthetics industry to expand the availability of the brand and its range of products. It is already stocked in over 200 clinics and spas including Artisan Clinic, QT and RACV’s One Spas. The criteria for stockists will remain unchanged as Farnworth-Wood prefers quality over quantity. Instead of stocking in 20 average locations, she would prefer to be in ten great ones. She also wants to champion diversity moving forward with the brand.

“I believe that people should be free to express themselves and not be confined by gender norms, sex, skin colour or anything else,” she adds.

“Issada has always been more than just colour. Fiona has hand-selected specific ingredients and minerals for the products, so they deliver additional benefits such as anti-acne, anti-redness, calming, soothing and healing properties. We will be taking this philosophy to a whole new level with the planned additions to our range.”

More details on these additions will be announced in late August. Not wanting to give much away, Farnworth-Wood hints at new products and increased profits.

“I’m keen to provide our stockists with added value… I plan to employ locally and mentor a new generation who understand that beauty products need to be sustainable, effective, ethical and fun.”

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