4 Aussie Skincare Success Stories That Make Us Proud

We’ve already nearly completed the first month of 2019 (insane, we know!) which means Australia Day celebrations are almost upon us. To mark the occasion, we have decided to reflect on our own home-grown beauty landscape, which is vast, constantly evolving, and progressive in many aspects.

Not only do we utilise so many beautiful native wonders and botanicals throughout our Aussie-made beauty and personal hygiene products, but the level of knowledge and innovation throughout the Australian skincare industry is really making its mark on the global stage, so much so that there is now a large and rapidly increasing demand for Aussie products around the world, particularly in the US and Chinese markets.

So what better way to celebrate Australia Day than taking a moment to look upon the Australian-born brands that are absolutely killing it overseas?

Born in 1985 in the unspoiled hills of South Australia, Jurlique has experienced such exponential success overseas that many forget the brand’s humble Aussie beginnings. Jurlique was founded by German couple Dr Jürgen Klein; a biochemist, and his wife Ulrike; a botanist, who had a passion for the healing power of nature, and with a simple fusion of both their first names, set out to create a pure, natural brand that combined alchemy, herbal medicine and homeopathy. They searched for the purest location they could find to set up shop and stumbled across the pristine Adelaide Hills. Now, the iconic brand is loved and sold across 19 countries worldwide, maintaining its philosophy of connecting customers back to nature with pure ingredients.

Melbourne founder of Rationale, Richard Parker, is lucky enough to say that his brand has an indisputable cult following around the world. Experiencing problem skin in his youth, Parker found his life’s calling in search for perfect skin, spending his time at Melbourne Uni pouring over dermatology and pharmacology textbooks. From there, Rationale was conceptualised 25 years ago, now known as a luxury range that blends science with home-grown botanicals and stocked at leading medi spas and cosmetic clinics. Its elegant flagship centres can be seen dotted throughout the country, plus international markets including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Alpha H
Australian owned and operated, Alpha-H has a history stretching back 20+ years, and is now considered a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare, stocked in over 25 countries. The brand proudly extends into both the consumer market, stocked online and in giants like Myer, Sephora and Marks & Spencer, as well as over 1000 day spas and clinics around the world. Brand owner and director Michelle Doherty is another founder who once struggled with her own skin problems, including chronic cystic acne, and developed the brand in order to help bring sustainable solutions to others.

Dr Roebuck’s
Loved overseas for the Australian colloquialisms displayed on the packaging such as ‘no worries’ and ‘down under’, Dr Roebuck’s was founded by Aussie twins Kim and Zoe, hailing from the beaches of Bondi. Their parents were doctors, who created a simple skin formula that would be safe to use on their children’s sensitive skin. After it worked wonders, Kim and Zoe spent 30 years learning, perfecting and testing their parents’ process, honouring them by dubbing the brand with their family name. The range is based on clean beauty and active, scientifically-proven ingredients. The brand has grown from strength to strength, exploding into the international market over the past several years and is now stocked in over 1000 stores globally, including Sephora, Selfridges and David Jones.

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