Why You Need A Beauty Fridge

If you’re tired of popping to your spa’s or clinic’s kitchen fridge every time you need a dose of anti-wrinkle, filler or anaesthetic, we may just have some exciting news for you.

You might have seen a few overseas brands popping up on Instagram already, but we are pleased to announce that Australia is finally getting its very first mini beauty fridge company, dedicated to keeping all your skincare, tools and aesthetic medicines cool in one very stylish location.

S+C had a quick Q&A session with founders of The Beauty Fridge, Sharleen Vong and Vivian Kha, to find out more about their story, their stunning product, and how it came to be.

“The Beauty Fridge is Australia’s first mini refrigeration unit dedicated to ‘cold skin care’ – the practice of prolonging the life of products and enhancing their effectiveness by refrigeration,” say Sharleen and Vivian. “Precious ingredients in serums, moisturisers, mists and face masks are only a few of the beauty products that benefit from being kept in a cold environment.”

So how did their venture into the world of cold skincare begin? As the ladies tell us, they were simply tired of fishing their sheet masks out from behind the mayonnaise in their kitchen fridges.

“We met in the same workplace and instantly bonded over our love of beauty and skin care products. Over the many months leading up to the creation of The Beauty Fridge, there were discussions over the latest trends and one in particular kept resurfacing, the idea of ‘cold skincare’ and having a personal micro fridge to store products in.”

“After hours of research and unsatisfied online shopping, we discovered a hole in the market. There were no dedicated mini beauty fridge companies that shipped to Australia, nor any that currently existed in Australia. We soon found that we also shared something else in common – an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to break free from our 9-5 corporate jobs and pursue something we were both truly passionate about. This was essentially the catalyst for the early beginnings of The Beauty Fridge.”

The fridge, which stands at 29cm x 24.5cm x 29cm, features a 10 litre capacity, with luxe tempered glass front door, two removable inner shelves and door shelf. Dedicated compartments have been designed to suit a variety of beauty products, including tall bottles or mists. The sleek, ultra modern design comes in white, blush pink and aqua blue, to stylishly suit any spa or clinic benchtop or tuck conveniently away in a cupboard or below beds.

Not just for personal consumer use, The Beauty Fridge is an ideal accompaniment to almost any professional aesthetic setting. Dedicated in-room storage allows for therapists and practitioners to reach arms-length for their desired product or medicine without leaving their clients or searching around for misplaced shared products, as well as preserving active ingredients or offering a further cooling effect for some masks, sheet masks, mists or stone massage tools/rollers.

Via Instagram @TheBeautyFridgeOfficial

“Products that take on gel and water-based compositions or incorporate unstable ingredients such as Vitamin C perform better when being stored in cooler environment – enhancing their potency, boosting absorption into the skin and increasing shelf life from the deceleration of bacterial growth. The customer experience can further be enhanced from using refrigerated products providing not only a calming soothing effect, but also shown to be helpful when treating irritated skin.”

The Beauty Fridge even features a heat setting for those that wish to utilise it as a hot towel cabinet, massage tool, stone or oil warmer. Fridges are expected to be available for purchase from May this year – stay updated by keeping your eyes peeled on SPA+CLINIC’s or The Beauty Fridge’s Instagram feeds.

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