The World’s First Injectables Education App

There is a new app for cosmetic practitioners that is quickly gaining global renown as the world’s first ever digital learning platform on facial injectables. The newly re-launched ‘Complete Face’ app, designed by Australian plastic surgeons, focuses on patient outcomes and safety and is designed to deliver high quality medical education on aesthetic injectables. The app, which can be used on smartphone, tablet and desktop, houses over 200 videos and fresh cadaver anatomy for 39 indications.

The app has been created for use by surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, doctors and nurses. Content is accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and, for RACS members, comprises of 21 total hours of approved RACS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning; an annual program for practitioners that includes a choice of mentorship, shadowing, or the completion of a learning plan.

The structured format for each of the app’s indications includes anatomy, clinical assessment, treatment objectives and marking, injection technique, product choice and before and after photos.

Complete Face is the brainchild of Australian industry leaders, Drs Steven Liew and Peter Callan, both of which are specialist plastic surgeons (board certified) facial aesthetic injectors and educators. The app is already receiving rave reviews from practitioners around the globe.

“It is a comprehensive structure, an interactive educational tool of facial injectables designed for healthcare practitioners worldwide,” says Dr Liew. “The Complete Face app is the only educational tool in the digital platform on the market that contains over 200 HD videos of fresh cadaver dissection images, delivering the highest quality content on injectable facial procedures available today.” It includes all the new modulator indications, as well as all the common areas for filler treatments such as lips, cheeks and nasal labia fold. Complete Face also covers in detail those highly advanced and challenging indications such as the parotid gland, the hollow orbit and the A-frame deformity of the upper eyelids.”

“Complete Face is suitable for all clinical practitioners worldwide who are involved in facial injections of new modulators and dermal fillers. It contains real life cases of both western and Asian patients of different ages and gender. Complete Face is designed for both beginners and advanced injectors. For beginners, the core section of the app covers the common on and off label indications. For certain indications, such as the lip, it also includes the differences between young and more mature patients, to achieve a more age-appropriate outcome. For more advanced practitioners, the specialised modules cover the highly specific, highly advanced injections areas. These range from total face approach to the advanced areas that are considered high risk, such as the nose, temple and the super advanced area of the A-frame deformity of the upper eyelids.”

It’s free to sign up to Complete Face and browse the available modules, but various purchase plans are required to view them. There is some free content currently on offer, including the ‘Preventing Vascular Adverse Events’ module.

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