Why Your Team Deserves Staff Bios On Your Website

Every reputable business should include an about page on their website. It’s your potential clients’ way of reading your origin story, your brand values, and what to expect when they come to visit you. But what about your individual team members?

We know that clients can develop exceptionally close relationships with their therapists, so much so that they will refuse to book with anyone else, and these types of connections can last for years. Giving your team members individual bios on your website can have some real benefits for your business, acting as a gateway for clients to establish that personal connection.

The first benefit is establishing your business, and your team, as leaders – if your staff are well experienced and qualified, this is your opportunity to demonstrate that, showing off your combined years of experience. This also allows you to list each team members’ unique area/s of specialty or extra qualifications, if any.

Another is giving your clients the opportunity to connect with someone on a personal level. Generally, people connect more quickly with stories, faces, experiences and values, and trust is gained through the exchange of information. This is why allowing potential clients to read your team members’ stories is going to provide an instant connection much more than they would to the business on its own. Clients can select and book in with a therapist that matches up with their own personality and preferences before they’ve even set foot through your doors.

Thirdly, it provides a convenient opportunity to improve your online search rankings when it comes to services you offer – if you’re listing each therapist’s treatments online – as ranking is improved, to some degree, by the quantity of each phrase used, bumping you up when users search for that particular phrase.

Lastly, it grants your team some well-deserved recognition. It acts as a little nod from business owner to team member, acknowledging their skills and hard work and saying to the world “This therapist is pretty great, and I want everyone to know it too!”

To add some kick-ass bios to your spa or clinic’s website, here are some tips:

  • Remember to add a headshot – this will be the first connection and point of contact for your prospective clients. Like an online handshake!
  • Get the details right – this should include their experience, their qualification/s, and any specialties.
  • Add some spark – if you want to make your bios a bit more interesting, add some extra personal info, such as each team member’s hobbies, favourite treatment to perform, favourite quote etc. You could even make things extra fun, like Indulgence Day Spa in Newcastle does, with things like Star Sign or best skin tip.
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