What To Look For In A New Trainee

For any spa or salon, Trainees are an essential part of the team, and offering a mutually beneficial relationship that could set you both up for years to come. They allow you to grow together and give you the opportunity to mold any new Therapist into an exemplary professional. But whether you’re new at hiring trainees or you frequently welcome new recruits, the process can often be difficult, and much less conventional than your standard method of employment. New Trainees often come on board during their early days of undertaking a Diploma, and since they have not developed any practical skills yet, not to mention in most cases quite young, there is no skills test or other practical method of evaluation, so it can be extremely hard to determine how they will eventuate as Therapists later down the track.

But there are a few things that you can look out for when searching for a new Trainee. According to Gina Cook, National Training Manager for renowned beauty college Ella Baché, there are three boxes you should be checking:

1.     You should ensure your student or graduate is from a reputable college that is leading in industry standards and training. Ensure you do your research.

2.     Candidates should have values that align to yours, and an understanding of what drives your business. At Ella Baché, we ensure our students do work placement as part of their course, so they understand the day-to-day operation of a salon, in addition to business management, meaning our graduates understand what drives and grows your business (more than just treatments).

3.   A desire for personal development within a team environment and a passion for the skin, “because no two skins are alike”.

If you’re hoping for candidates with the utmost high standards and professionalism, another tip is to look out for students from colleges that offer international accreditation including ITEC and CIDESCO, such as acclaimed Melbourne-based college Elly Lukas. These are much more difficult for students to qualify for, and require Therapists perform each detail to near perfection.

Depending on which units your candidates have completed at the time they commence a Traineeship, you could consider a partial skills test to see where they’re at so far. Even if they’re brand new, it may be an idea to run through one of your signature treatments to experience both their sense of pressure and touch, as well as the speed at which they absorb new information. These traits are often ones that can’t be taught, and may also give you an idea of where their natural strengths lie.

Once you get past the practical skills (or lack there of) simply focus on the other aspects you would for any new recruit. According to the Australian Government’s Department of Employment, the things that employers look for most in a new employee are:

  • A positive attitude and willingness to work
  • Motivation and enthusiasm
  • Someone who is prepared to learn and take direction

These are all crucial qualities within the service industry, particularly in beauty and wellness industry. Look for passion and drive, and consider whether you think they will be a good fit for your brand, culture, and other team members. Once you’ve made your selection, just enjoy the wonderful journey you will both embark on together, and take pride in knowing how pivotal a role you play in your new Trainee’s future!