Ways To Reward Your Most Loyal Clients

Do you ever feel as though you could reward your regular clients more? After all, they are your biggest cheerleaders, likely your biggest spenders, and even more likely, your biggest reputational promoters. Your business owes a lot of its success to your loyal clients and repeat customers – you can trust them to show up to appointments, they back your business to the fullest, they have been visiting since before anyone can remember, and have undoubtedly spread positive word of mouth amongst their friends and family, for free, on more than one occasion.

Since your VIP clients spend so much time with you, it’s not uncommon for them to become quite close with certain members of your team, sometimes to the point of friendship, so it’s easy to feel the relationship is so wonderful that you don’t need to do much to maintain it. But isn’t that even more reason to treat them like VIPs? After all of their good work, they need to know that they are important to you, and that you don’t take their frequent visits and spends for granted.

So how can you best show your VIP clients you care?

Gift them – have a list of your most special clients to reward on certain holidays. Which ones, how much you spend on them and how many holidays is completely up to you, but we can guarantee a surprise gift will go a long way in continuing and solidifying the valuable relationship you’ve built. This could be anything from Easter to Valentines, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Keep track of birthdays – write down VIP client birthdays and reward them. You may already offer a birthday discount to all of your clients, but do something extra special for your VIPs. If they have an appointment close to their birthday, prepare a little birthday beverage, cake, cocktail or other treat, or put together a beautiful handwritten card. These could be given before or after the actual day –  it’s the thought that counts!

Customise a rewards program – there’s no better way to make someone feel special than a customised – well – anything! Even if you have a rewards program for all clients already in place, feel free to design something individually for VIPs. You have the benefit of knowing these clients well, and being able to judge rewards based on their current treatment and spending patterns. Perhaps, for example, a free add-on or product every 5-10 visits? Let them know it’s been designed exclusively for them and they will be tickled pink!

Celebrate your anniversary – after you’ve passed the one year mark after their first visit, start celebrating your anniversaries with your long-term clients. Put together a card, email or text message marking the occasion. Whether you throw in a gift is completely your choice, but either way, we are sure they will be thrilled that you have chosen to mark the occasion!

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  1. I agree, but the most important thing once you begin providing these extras, is to keep going. Stopping or reducing the reward after you start can lead to dissatisfaction amongst your clients.

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