Free Facials During US Government Shutdown

It’s been over four weeks and the US government shutdown rages on, making it the longest in history and affecting over 800,000 federal staff members, who have all been forced to cease work indefinitely without pay. Now, an LA-based medi spa has decided to give back to hard-working government workers in the area who are currently going without, by providing them with free facial treatments.

M.D., of Westside Aesthetics, Alexander Rivkin, says of the service “These are the people who keep us safe and keep government services operational. Food safety, air travel safety, critical services for the poor, national parks, and museums—good, hard-working Americans make these critical systems run. Many of these workers live paycheck to paycheck, and they should not be treated this way.”

The clinic specialises in surgical as well as non-invasive procedures, injectables, laser (Clear+Brilliant, IPL, Fraxel), body sculpting (Velashape), facials (light therapy, Thermage, PRP) and spa treatments. The move to provide the free facials, which was announced via the medi spa’s social media platforms, aims to provide unpaid workers in California an opportunity for self-care and relaxation during what can only be, for most, an incredibly turbulent period.

Westside Aesthetics’ social announcement, made earlier in January, reads “The Government shutdown is affecting thousands of Federal workers across the country. Many of these workers live paycheck to paycheck, and can’t afford to be used as leverage for a political agenda. If you’re one of these people, we want to offer you a free facial to help you relax during this stressful time.” It is reported that around 40,000 Californian residents are currently affected by the government shutdown.

Yet another proposal was presented by Trump today, but democrats have reportedly already rejected it, so the shutdown is expected to continue for some time, and staff will remain on unpaid leave until a compromise is reached.

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