5 Tips For Better Treatment Bed Hygiene

Ensuring a COVID-safe environment in your spa, salon, or clinic.

While government resources may cover the basics when it comes to safely reopening your beauty or spa business amid COVID-19, there aren’t a huge number of resources that cover the intricacies and specific functionalities of a spa, salon or skin clinic. This has left many business owners with looming questions about best practice, and having to pop their own creative caps on to come up with innovative solutions.

Clinic furniture is one of these problems (with upholstered and plush surfaces being a little difficult to sanitise!)  and while many spa and clinic owners are simply roping off their waiting room couches, velvet ottomans and luxe armchairs, the same thing can’t very well be said for treatment beds. Sure, you could strip off your bed sheets and dressings until only the plastic surface is left to wipe down, but would this leave your clients comfortable enough to return for another visit?

For those not wanting to sacrifice that special, warm and welcoming client experience that you have worked so hard to establish through your decor, furnishings and dressings, here’s how you can improve the cleaning and dressing process for your beds, without having to use single-use fitted sheets.

  1. No need to cover up your beautiful linens – pop over to Spotlight or Clark Rubber and purchase some heavy duty clear plastic sheet (the kind often used as table covers) to cover your beds. Ensure to purchase enough that it drapes over the bed completely on all sides, leaving no fabric exposed. Pillows should be placed underneath as well. This can be very easily wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant after each client.
  2. If you like to create a nice warm treatment bed for your clients, pop a heated blanket underneath your plastic sheeting. The sheeting can get quite cold to touch, so this method will be effective in preventing that. 
  3. Not a fan of the plastic feeling? We suggest lining your bed with clear plastic, then placing some bed roll on top for the sake of comfort, then disposing of this after your client leaves, sanitising the bed, then replacing the bed roll before your next appointment.
  4. You can also swap out your courtesy towels for (admittedly slightly less comfortable) bed roll or disposable towels.
  5. Introduce a BYO blanket policy, and encourage clients to bring in their own blanket to facilitate a warm and cosy environment while reducing the amount of laundry you’re required to do.

You can of course strip and launder your bed linen after each client if you prefer, however it goes without saying this will be slightly more time consuming, and potentially more costly in the long run.

If you have any more ingenious suggestions on bed linen and salon hygiene, we would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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