The Future of Education and Training

Recently appointed to the position of National Trainer, Advanced Cosmeceuticals’ Dora Erdossy says it’s important for salon, spa and clinic owners, and their staff, to never stop learning — and with over 22 years’ experience she’s the trainer you’ll want on your side.

From Australia to Europe, Asia and the United States, Dora not only has a passion for skin but for motivating the industry in elevating the professionalism of skin therapists and dermal clinicians, arming them with knowledge and education.

“I’m so excited about the opportunity to make a difference for all the skin therapists and dermal clinicians who work with our products and equipment. Knowledge and education is paramount to help raise the standards of the industry,” says Dora who says it’s key to stay abreast of clinical studies and the latest research on cosmeceutical ingredients.

“Knowledge of cosmeceutical ingredients and their effect on the skin has come a long way from when l joined the industry over 20 years ago. I believe it is more important now than ever to be aware of this knowledge to stay current and relevant in this ever growing industry.”

dermal-therapy1Dora, who recently completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences specialising in Dermal Therapies, adds there is a growing demand in therapists wanting to continue their studies and work towards becoming a dermal therapist/clinician — a quality clinic owners now look to when hiring staff.

“The industry still very much provides traditional beauty therapy treatments for clients but over the past number of years there has been a growing need for therapists to have the ability to provide and perform treatments that requires them to be fully knowledgeable of the skin; and how it can be affected by certain treatments especially in relation to the wound healing process.”

But whether you are a salon, spa or clinic, to stay current and relevant in today’s industry, Dora stresses employers should encourage their staff to attend as much training as possible — going above and beyond.

“I was very fortunate in my very first salon job to have a boss who valued education and training and constantly sent her staff to training as she believed this would help to motivate and inspire us to be the best we could be as therapists.

“And now, I always say to my students that what we learnt at school is just a foundation for us to grow from. Don’t ever think you know it all!

“This is why l went back to school at the age of 37 as l knew the industry had changed and it was, and still is, important for me to be as up to date as possible with what is happening,” explains Dora.

Thankful for the opportunity that previous employers afforded her, Dora says, no matter your circumstances, that therapists should simply read as much as they can to continue the learning process.

Dora Erdossy, National Trainer Advanced Cosmeceuticals
Dora Erdossy, National Trainer Advanced Cosmeceuticals

“Read and attend courses as much as you can but also don’t be afraid to question the information presented to you.

“Yes there are many new products and new technologies but therapists should always question where companies get their information from. What clinical studies have been completed? What research has taken place? Can results of studies be provided?

“One of my lecturers advised us early on in our degree to be inquisitive, never just settle with the information. Always ask questions. Never stop learning. But also don’t forget to have fun!”

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