11 Gifs Aesthetic Professionals Can Relate To The Week Before Christmas

What it’s like to work in a spa or clinic during December, as told through our favourite gifs.

‘Tis the season of joy, mistletoe and Christmas traditions — but also one packed with chaos and fuelled by (a little too much) caffeine. For those working in the aesthetic industry, it’s one of the most hectic periods of the year as you attempt to squeeze in all your regulars for last-minute treatments before the holidays begin.

For those in need of an extra push to get you through the final days, or just looking for some comedic relief, we’ve rounded up 11 gifs that sum up the glorious madness of the season.

1. Getting ready for the day and realising there’s only a week left before holidays begin

And dancing around to Mariah Carey, of course!

2. Hyping up the team as you prepare for the last minute rush

Let’s do this.

3. But first… coffee

How much coffee is too much coffee? (Hint: the limit does not exist.)

4. When your favourite client comes in for their final treatment of the year and leaves absolutely glowing

You glow, girl!

5. And then they ask what your plans are for the holidays and start of the New Year…

Because the past two years have felt like an eternity.

6. Decompressing with your co-workers in the break room over lunch

But seriously, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and encourage your team to do the same.

7. When your 2pm appointment calls and says they’re running late but you have back-to-back appointments until 7pm

And there goes any hope of finishing a little early…

8. When the boss asks how you’re feeling after working the long shift

You’re doing great sweetie!

9. And then you see your work wife leaving and realise you won’t see them until next year

Goodbyes are always hard. But let’s be honest, you’ll be sending each other updates all break long.

10. When a client tells you how confident they feel after regular treatments with you

There’s nothing better than hearing positive feedback from a happy, confident client — and seeing them literally glowing!

11. Realising it’s the last day of trade and your team has gone above and beyond during all the madness

You made it! Time to open that bottle of wine and indulge in a few chocolates — you deserve it.

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