Recruiting staff is not easy.  Recruiting the RIGHT staff takes time, planning and careful consideration.  Building a solid, dedicated and professional team of employees for your business is a task which should be taken very seriously – and with solidity planning and strategy behind you, recruitment success should be the end result! By Sheryl Woodhouse.


In the spa and salon industry, as with any other industry, employing the wrong people can be very costly in more ways than one. The time, effort and money involved with placing ads, interviewing, training can be extremely expensive if you make the incorrect selection and then have to re-employ.

As a business owner, it’s important not to rush into recruitment. The folloiwng three steps are a valuable insight into strategic recruitment and placement of the correct staff helping you to build a strong team of loyal, dedicated employees.

1. Analyse
Whether this is a brand new position, or the replacement of a previous employee, you should always undertake an analysis of the job available. This is the very first step to successful recruitment. Time spent analysing the position at hand will contribute to successful recruitment as well as staff retention.

Analysis of the job you require to be filled involves the following:
* What IS the role you require to be filled?
* What duties will be required?
* How much time approximately will be required for the major responsibilities (put this into a %)
* What education level is required as a minimum?
* What skills do you require from someone to fill this role?
* How many hours per week is required?
* What range of compensation are you prepared to pay to fill this position?

2. Prepare the Job Description
Now that you’ve completed your analysis, creating a new job description, or amending an old one, will be far easier than if you hadn’t done your ground work.

3. Advertising The Position
This is not as easy as it sounds. Often business owners squeeze recruitment in and around other pressing tasks related to running a business, and attention to detail here if paramount.

Placing your job ad is all about attracting the perfect candidate, and ensuring that the ones you DON’T want understand that they are not right for your position. You will find taking time in copy-writing and correctly wording your job ad, along with deciding where to place your ad, is an important part of the successful recruitment formula.

Your job ad must remain in line with your brand and corporate image. You want to portray your business in the professional way clients view your business overall.

There are several components which must make up your ad:
* Job Title – this is the ‘official’ role
* Business Introduction – where you sell your business and clearly convey your brand
* Responsibilities – outlining the role
* Qualifications – minimum requirements must be clear
* Salary – everyone looking for a job has this in mind, so this must be included
* Benefits in joining your team – your final opportunity to sell your business to the right candidate
* How to apply and deadlines

National One Recruitment is the salon and spa industry’s recruitment specialist. Sheryl Woodhouse and her team have been servicing the industry for many years, and their combined experience in recruiting and placing thousands of candidates around the country has positioned them as the go-to people for recruitment advice. National One Salon & Spa Recruitment offers a variety of professional packages to assist business owners with the recruitment process. Call Sheryl on 0466 156 589.


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