Smart Thinking


Ideal for cleansing clients’ skin ahead of treatments and to onsell so they keep up the good work at home, Klapp Cosmetics Smart Brush comes with four applicators for use anywhere on the body:

  • Small brush – for the face
  • Big brush – for the body
  • Pumice – for buffing rough skin on areas like elbows, knees and hands
  • Facial sponge – for care-application

The battery-operated, water resistant Smart Brush gently but deeply cleanses the skin, exfoliates and refines, quickly buffs away dead cells and is suitable for all skin types.

It comes with Smash mild facial cleansing foam, also suitable for every skin type. Containing pullulan, the unique water soluble polysaccharide, it is able to build an invisible, elastic net, supporting the strengthening and tightening of the skin.

Double moist factors provide the needed hydration to promote healthy, radiant skin that is more receptive to topical skincare.

Trusted in more than 55 countries and new to Australia, German-based Klapp Cosmetics was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Klapp, an holistic practitioner, anti-ageing and skincare specialist, supporter of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and author committed to research and development of products to help slow or stop the signs of ageing.

He constantly travels the world in quest of new skincare trends that provide synergy for body and soul.

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