Real Housewife of Melbourne Steals the Show


The buzz was deafening on Day One of Salon Melbourne (Sunday, March 1) and not just because it heralded the annual fest of all things hair, beauty, aesthetic technology and wellness.

Real Housewives of Melbourne’s Gina Liano was making a guest appearance – and the 47-year-old reality TV star and barrister did not disappoint.

While not exactly beloved of her fellow housewives, Gina wowed an elbow-room-only crowd at Main Stage at the Exhibition and Convention Centre, sporting a slinky white, sparkling one-shouldered cocktail dress, matching sandals and lots of big bling. Oh, and of course her signature hairspray helmet and glistening tan (she made the appearance on behalf of Mediterranean Tan).

However, as her fans well know, Gina’s no vapid glamour. She has carved out a highly successful career in the male-dominated environment of criminal law.

But she has never compromised her femininity or love of clothes and makeup to fit a stereotypical image of what a criminal barrister should be, she told yesterday’s audience.


‘I was a girl long before I was anything else!’ she told her audience. ‘I love beautiful clothes – okay, I wouldn’t wear anything like this to work, but I don’t believe it is necessary to dress in an asexual way to be successful.

‘I get a spray tan every week, I pay attention to my makeup and nails and I get my hair done regularly. Okay, it’s very 80s, but I love it!

‘I have worked very hard and I have been successful without compromising my femininity.

‘Whatever a woman’s role in life I don’t believe she has to sacrifice glamour – whatever glamour means to her – to get ahead.’


But of course the real stars of the day were the exhibitors, for whom hundreds of industry professionals and students turned out to discover what’s new and upcming trends.

The march of aesthetic technology on traditional offerings such as tanning, makeup, waxing, hair and nails becomes more pronounced with every industry aesthetics event.

Team SPA+CLINIC noted that there was a greater representation than at Salon Melbourne last year of companies showcasing devices to address everything from skin rejuvenation and treating acne, pigmentation and scarring to the removal of tattoos and hair and reducing fat and cellulite.

We’ll bring you more details tomorrow after Salon Melbourne is a wrap!


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