Interior Inspo: Extra Clinic

This clinic’s style is proudly ‘a little extra’.

Are you maximising your visual styling in order to create the perfect first impression for your spa or clinic? Looks can play a larger role in your business’ overall success than you might think, and unfortunately for today’s ‘Instagram consumer’ as well as those wanting a more immersive experience that is also visually engaging, it’s no longer just about the quality of the services you offer.

For this reason, we regularly chat to business owners whose clinics have that wow-factor the moment you walk through the doors, delving into their inspirations and visions for their spa or clinic’s stunning looks and vibes.

Amanda Johnson

This time, we chat to Owner and Director Amanda Johnson, and head of dermal Elise Birchall, at Extra Clinic – whose Canberra premises makes quite the statement with its pristine pinks and golds.

How did you decide on your clinic’s aesthetic, branding, colour scheme etc?
Amanda: When you walk into Extra Clinic, we celebrate the sense of fun that we are. It’s luxurious, it’s pink, there is a lot of marble – it’s very Extra, in every sense of the word. From the purpose-built basketball court to the pink bathroom, it’s definitely Extra. Plain is boring. And everyone needs a pink bathroom, right? We’ve mixed pops of pink with greys, exposed brick and warm lighting to create a space that is the perfect blend of colours. My favourite space is the beauty bar – a custom designed space complete with marble benchtops, an oversized circular mirror, and pendant lights for that perfect selfie-lighting.

Elise: Amanda & Dr Zac Turner created Extra clinic to provide all those ‘Extra’ things we need in life. That little extra hit of confidence, that little extra bit of feeling better. Extra Clinic came to be because Amanda had been working her whole life to fit in to a mold. Instead, she decided to create a mold that would fit her. Yes, it’s pink. Yes, it’s shiny. Yes, it’s bold and sparkly. But, there is also a lot of attention to detail which is what Extra Clinic is all about. We know that you might be too vain to wear your glasses, so we’ve put a pot of magnifying glasses in the front waiting room where you fill out your paperwork. We know that patients don’t want to be recognised in reception as they are waiting, so we have all the discreet options available. This is Canberra and we know how important privacy is in a small town.


Elise: We know that you’re rushing out in the middle of your day with an excuse to your boss about why you needed the time off. You may need a bit of hairspray and a bit of makeup to tweak yourself back to normal after your appointment, so we provide it. I know that people want to feel good about themselves. That’s what I know. And that’s what the Extra experience is all about.

What did you want the style to say about you?
Amanda: I wanted the style to be luxurious and elegant, but also fun. I didn’t know of any other clinic that combined the two. Aesthetics and looking after yourself inside and out doesn’t have to be in a white room with no fun. The style at Extra highlights our sense of playfulness, without taking ourselves too seriously. It’s classy, its extravagant, it’s Extra.

What do you want clients to feel upon entering the space?
Amanda: Our clinic needed to give the wow-factor and to be unique – not just your standard clinic. We want our clients to feel extra special and experience the Extra difference in our wellness wonderland. I love it when our clients take selfies in the space. Every corner you turn there is something new. We know that when the cameras are out, our clients feel like part of the Extra family.

What role do your stocked brands’ aesthetics play within your clinic?
Amanda: Our Dermal Clinician, Elise has spent countless hours researching the latest clinical research and information to bring skincare to our shelves that works, and also looks the part. We are proud to stock brands including Biopelle and Dermaceutic that deliver the results, feel luxurious, but do not cost the earth. It’s all about active ingredients that make changes within the skin for a healthier and better functioning skin. It’s an added bonus that the skincare also looks great. Elise and I have spent a long-time trialing and testing different products to find the absolute best.

What kind of feedback do you receive from clients regarding the style?
Elise: We definitely get a lot of ‘oohs & ahhs’ as our clients walk in the door. There is so much detail in the design. Amanda has thought of every minor detail, from the subtle glitter in the pink paint to the strategically placed lighting. The more you look, the more you see. It’s relaxing enough to feel like a home away from home with that luxury feel. A pink clinic doesn’t have to be for females only. We wanted the space to be approachable and welcoming for everyone. We actually have quite a number of male clients who love coming into the space and they’ll often notice the other ‘less pink’ details like the metal finishes and the concrete. We have clients who will arrive 30 minutes early just to have peace and quiet in the waiting area – soaking up all of the Extra Clinic goodness. It’s lovely to receive feedback that is so positive for a space that so greatly reflects our personality as a brand.

Any favourite décor and/or furniture items?
Amanda: If I had to narrow it down to three, my top three favourites would be our pink mermaid reception chairs, the basketball court, and probably the pink kitchen. We had the chairs custom made with industrial strength vinyl so that they will stay soft and pink, with extra padding for ultimate comfort. They hug you as you relax into the chair. The basketball court was a special request by Dr Zac. What says fun more than playing basketball in between appointments? Plus he LOVES exercise so we hold Pilates and yoga classes in the space too. The pink kitchen is barbie’s kitchen dream. Our staff work hard, so having a space for them to relax and chill out was super important to me. We have beautiful pink teacups, all pink glasses and bowls, gold cutlery, a pink coffee machine, and of course, a pink bar for after work team events.


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