5 Ways Your Business Can Help Cancer Patients Feel Better

The team at Look Good Feel Better talk us through how spa and clinic owners can contribute to raising awareness and donating to the cancer patient program.

Most of us know someone who has dealt with a cancer diagnosis and for those undergoing treatment, the impact on appearance and self-esteem can be just as gruelling as the treatment itself. In 1990, the Look Good Feel Better program was established in Australia by the Cancer Patients Foundation. The program was developed with the purpose of empowering those undergoing cancer treatment by equipping them with the practical skills, knowledge and tools needed to face their diagnosis with confidence.

Almost 32 years and over 170,000 participants later, thanks to the unwavering support of the cosmetic industry the program continues to provide a transformational experience for those undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Face-to-Face Workshops, Virtual Workshops and Home-Delivered Confidence Kits make up the current service offering, with this expanding to include Feel Better Fridays this year. Feel Better Fridays will see virtual workshops focus on positively impacting both the physical and mental health of cancer patients through movement, nutrition, and general wellbeing, and provide more ways for patients to feel better, and more opportunities for the industry to get involved.  

With up to 10,000 women, men and teens expected to receive assistance navigating their cancer diagnosis through the program this year, many small contributions from individuals and businesses can culminate in one huge impact.

Providing one cancer patient with a Home-Delivered Confidence Kit and access to a Virtual Workshop can be achieved with $100, and one Face-to-Face Workshop supporting 10 cancer patients can be delivered with a donation of $1,000.

Being well-versed in the power of the connection between appearance and confidence, the cosmetics, aesthetics and wellness industries are in the best position to champion this cause and ensure the broadest possible impact. Here are some easy ways you can make a difference.

1. Make a donation through a product or service purchase

Donate a portion of sales from a particular product, product range or service to Look Good Feel Better. The donation can be a percentage of sales, a dollar amount per unit, or an “add on” as chosen by your customers at the point of purchase – as a lump sum or as a round-up on their purchase amount.

2. Host a fundraising activity or donate a portion of event ticket sales

Host a fundraising activity or event around Feel Better Month (September) or another key date that is meaningful to your business and its employees. Consider offering gifts with purchase, free treatments, or other incentives to encourage participation in return for donations to Look Good Feel Better. This could be offered as a one-off, for a full month, or once a month for a whole year.

Alternatively, if there’s already an event scheduled in your calendar, simply donate a nominal figure from each ticket sold, or for non-ticketed events, request a donation from your guests in a show of support for the charity.

3. Participate in Dry July

This year, 1,000 participants are needed to go Dry in July for Look Good Feel Better. Your participation could help achieve the goal of $200,000 raised to provide the program to 2,000 cancer patients in the coming year.

4. Join the team of passionate workshop volunteers

The Look Good Feel Better program has a team of 1,000 dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to help deliver the workshops across Australia.

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age, confident in demonstrating to a group, and available for a minimum of four workshops per calendar year, requiring a commitment of approximately four hours per workshop.

Applications can be submitted at lgfb.org.au/join-our-team.

5. Help to raise awareness

Spreading the word about the program couldn’t be easier, or more impactful. If you have a shopfront, you can choose to display information about Look Good Feel Better and provide brochures (available from the charity) to customers who are interested in the program for themselves, or a loved one.

You can also include information about the charity on your website and encourage your e-comms list members to support the cause by further sharing information about the program.

Finally, feel free to follow, like and share @LGFBAustralia on social media. The more you help to spread the word, the more people the program can help. It’s that simple.

Need some help getting started?

Contact Look Good Feel Better 1800 650 960 or email fundraising@lgfb.org.au to discuss donations and partnership opportunities, and the ways the team can support you to ensure the greatest success for all.  You can also visit lgfb.org.au/ways-to-give for more ideas.

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