Here’s Why Your Mother’s Day Marketing Needs To Be More Inclusive

A new approach to Mother’s Day could be just what your spa or clinic needs to welcome a wider community of celebrators.

Mother’s Day calls for celebration but for many, it can feel like an isolating and confusing time. From blended, fostered and grandparent-led families, to LGBTQI+ families or those where other loving people have become a mother figure, traditional messaging tends to leave a lot of loved ones out.

Natural and organic beauty brand, Inika, have launched their Mother’s Day campaign and this year it comes with an inclusive twist. The campaign has been designed to help people show love to ‘mothers and others’ who you love and admire sparking the question; should your spa or clinic be marketing a more inclusive Mother’s Day?

Without reinventing the wheel, we’ve come up with a few helpful tips that will allow you to create messaging and promotions that welcome a wider community of mother-like figures, and even new gift-givers, into your spa or clinic.

Take a look at your messaging

You don’t need to shy away from the title of Mother’s Day or encouraging your clients to treat their mum, but you should consider widening your message to include more loved ones. By simply talking about treating those who inspire and encourage you, you’re opening your doors to a wider community who just may become loyal clients. Even using the word people over person works to include families with two mums or mother-figures.

Use inclusive imagery

Using imagery of mothers and sons creates a more inclusive message

A quick search of stock photos tagged ‘Mother’s Day’ returns a plethora of images of young mothers with their daughters which make for tempting additions to your social ads or posters in clinic. Instead, think about steering away from the traditional for images of mothers and sons, older women and their loved ones or even whole families. This small change can make a lot more people feel represented and connected to your business.

Create inclusive treatment offers

Mother and daughter treatment experiences are a hit on Mother’s Day, but what about sons wanting to indulge in some pamper time with mum? Or those families whose mother-figure is an aunt, family friend or even male? Instead of being specific, create treatment offers that celebrate a wider range of duos and give your clients more gifting options.

Consider gender-neutral add-ons

A gift with purchase is a great way to take advantage of extra spend around Mother’s Day and will encourage your clients to do their gift shopping with you. Instead of going for traditionally female focused add-ons, choose items that everyone will love like neutral coloured cosmetic travel cases or unisex scented products.


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