Getting More Customers Through Your Doors

Of course the mantra of our brand at all times is to help you to be the most successful you can be and, in doing so, empower you to give your clients the best outcomes. Hence, have them coming back for more and being enthusiastic ambassadors to attract new clients.

In countries like the US, going to a dermatologist or therapist on a regular basis to keep the skin in optimum condition is a natural as having regular check-ups with a GP or wellness practitioner to promote good health, or taking regular fitness classes to keep in shape and feel vital.

It’s fair to say that Australia hasn’t ever really had that culture ‘ on the whole, visiting a salon, spa or clinic at regular intervals is seen as a treat or indulgence, even though our climate exposes us to some of the greatest challenges to skin health and appearance in the world.

Yet how many people go to the hairdresser every week for a blow dry, or every few weeks for a colour or cut, or get their nails done frequently – are hair and nails more worthy of regular professional care than the skin we live in? The skin that is the first feature other people subliminally take note of as a marker of age, attractiveness and state of health?

The situation has been exacerbated over the past decade by the explosion of the cosmeceutical skincare industry and the profileration of non-surgical anti-ageing/corrective treatments and devices.

The array of cosmeceuticals available to consumers today is positively mind-blowing and they are available at all price points and at a wide range of outlets – supermarkets, chemists, department stores and online, as well as at our salons, spas and clinics.

How effective and authentic many of these ‘cosmeceuticals’ are is open to debate, especially when backed by huge marketing and advertising campaigns.

But aside from that, the sheer volume of choice is becoming confusing for consumers (dare it be said, even for professionals!).

Not only that, the ability to self-diagnose skincare concerns and products to ‘treat’ them courtesy of Dr Google, being swayed by avid, but too often unqualified bloggers, or taking advice from in-store salespeople who may or may not be trained in skin analysis or the products they are recommending, is giving rise to an epidemic of troubled and downright traumatised skins.

The knock-on impact for confidence and self-esteem is enormous. These are the people who have paid a high price (literally) to find their way to your door pleading with you to fix the mess they’ve gotten into.

There is no better time than now to take the opportunity to assert yourself as the authority in this field: to promote yourself as a skincare professional who can prescribe treatments and products that will reduce or ideally reverse the damage and monitor their progress longterm as their skin needs inevitably change.

Laser, light and other energy-based technologies such as radiofrequency and ultrasound, not to mention the wonderful world of anti-wrinkle and dermal filling injectables, have give people options and hope to transform themselves and their lives over the past 20 years where none existed before for facial/skin rejuvenation and correction.

But with this has also come misconceptions. Maintaining the skin – its health and appearance of youthfulness, if the latter is what a person desires – is a constant work in progress.

You can’t just have a few ‘zaps’ or ‘jabs’ ‘ et voila, problem fixed! No. It involves day to day home care that should be prescribed by a professional – you – in between professional consultations and treatments.

We’ll go into this in a lot more detail over the coming months. But a few key things to keep in mind:

Know your stuff: The array of skincare, devices and non-surgical treatments, as explained above, is dizzying. Make an effort to be informed and keep current. This will establish you as an authority with your clients. You will find many reputable suppliers of products and devices who offer courses and other help. But keep a lookout for others available, and always search online for news and views.

Cultivate your network: No man, woman or business is an island. Today it’s no longer enough to offer your services in isolation. You have to get to know respected practitioners in synergistic fields – such as plastic and cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic physicians, wellness and hair professionals. When clients confide in you about issues that affect them but are out of your professional scope, you will enforce your trust and credibility by having a referral network. Remember, it works both ways ‘ in turn these professionals will likely refer back to you.

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